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Participating School Eligibility

Participating schools are nonpublic schools (including private virtual education programs) that have applied and been approved by the department to participate in the IEA Program and are listed on the department's approved list of IEA participating schools posted on the IEA webpage. For a complete description of the qualifications for participating schools, see theĀ IEA Provider Handbook.

To be eligible to participate in the IEA Program, nonpublic schools must agree to comply with all the requirements of participating schools including, but not limited to:

  1. As part of the application process, demonstrate financial viability to repay any funds that may be owed to the state by filing with the TDOE financial information verifying the school has the ability to pay an aggregate amount equal to the amount of IEA funds expected to be paid during the school year
  2. Conduct criminal background checks on employees pursuant to the IEA rules approved by the State Board of Education
  3. Certify that they shall not discriminate against students or applicants on the basis of race, color, or national origin
  4. Comply with all health and safety laws or codes that apply to nonpublic schools
  5. Exclude from employment any person not permitted by state law to work in a nonpublic school
  6. Exclude from employment any person who might reasonably pose a threat to the safety of students

For a complete list of responsibilities, see theĀ IEA Provider Handbook.


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