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Solicitation, Requests & Notices

TN Best for All Vendor Meetings

On February 4, 2020, the department hosted two meetings to discuss how the department is approaching contract management moving forward.

Priority 1: Academics – This meeting was specific to the work within our first priority of the strategic plan, Academics, that includes early literacy supports, high-quality instructional materials, innovative assessments, and career exploration.
Watch the recording here.

Priority 3: Educators – This meeting was specific to the work within our third priority of the strategic plan, Educators, that includes grow your own, educator and leader preparation innovation, and school leader supports.
Watch the recording here.

TN ALL Corps

To address gaps and accelerate student learning across the state of Tennessee, the department is launching the TN Accelerating Literacy and Learning Corps (TN ALL Corps), a grant opportunity to empower school districts across the state to implement or strengthen robust tutoring programs for students.

Through TN ALL Corps grants, districts can flexibly design their local tutoring supports within the grant framework to meet the tenets of high dosage/low ratio tutoring that drives strong outcomes for students. Districts have significant flexibility in determining the structure of tutoring, as well as when to launch TN ALL Corps programming in the district.

To assist districts with this work, the department is creating a tutor partner guide for districts that may choose to work with a third-party provider to deliver some or all of its tutoring services through TN ALL Corps. Districts are not required to partner with third-party providers, nor are they required to use a partner from the guide we create. However, this guide is intended to serve as a resource for districts interested in working with a tutor partner. Vendor vetting and qualification, purchasing and invoicing, including final determination of costs, will occur between the district and any tutor partner they select to work with, subject to districts’ local purchasing policies. The department is offering all interested vendors an opportunity to be listed as a potential tutor partner in this guide by agreeing to the minimum requirements outlined in the submission link, and submitting program information here by September 15, 2021 at 5:00pm CT.

More information about TN ALL Corps can be found here.

Open Solicitations

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EPP Affordability Study 2: Tuition and Debt Analysis

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ASD Summer Staffing (RFA)

Executive Recruiting Services for High-Priority Positions

Title I, Part C Contractor (RFA)

Math Modules Grant Opportunity (RFA)

Assessment Development for English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science Contact Opportunity

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Leading in Crisis (RFA)

Additional Endorsement Program Adaptation and Administration Grant

Reading 360: Family Literacy Night (RFA)

Additional Endorsement Grant

Tutoring and Summer Learning Loss (RFA)

Innovative High School Models (RFA)

Grow Your Own Grant (Round 2)

Title I, Part C Migrant Education Program (RFA)

Title I, Part C Migrant Education Program Q&A

Advanced Placement Access for All (RFA)

TAP Literacy Initiative 2021 (RFA)

Connected Literacy Contractor (RFA)

Tutoring and Summer Learning Loss Programming  (RFA)

Tutoring and Summer Learning Loss Programming (UPDATED SCHEDULE)

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Social Studies Consultants: 2021 Request for Applications (RFA)

Request for Applications for the Professional Learning Team Contractor

TN Technical Assistance Grants - Request for Applications


ESL Contractor

Before- and After-Care Monitoring Contract Solicitation (Middle TN)

Work-Based Learning Implementation Specialist

R360 Family Decodable Videographer

RFA Before and After School Care Contractors

Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools Contractors

McKinney-Vento Contractors Solicitation

RFA for Team Training Videos