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BAL Conversion

Converting Beginning Administrator License (BAL) to the ILL-B or Advancement to ILL-P

Any educator who holds a Beginning Administrator License (BAL) must convert or advance this license to an Instructional Leader License as soon as possible. 

Educators who hold a BAL and who meet the below listed requirements for advancement to ILL-P should process their license advancement through TNCompass.  Educators who hold a BAL but who do not meet the criteria for advancement to ILL-P, must convert the BAL to an Instructional Leader License-Beginning (ILL-B) using the conversion process described below. 

Requirements for Advancement to ILL-P

  • A Director of Schools must certify that the applicant exhibits:
    • a minimum of two years of successful experience as a principal, assistant principal, or an instructional supervisor in a TASL-mandated position, and
    • performance at the professional level on the TILS.
  • The TASL Director must certify that the applicant has successfully completed:
    • the Beginning Assistant Principals’ Academy, Beginning Principals’ Academy or the Beginning Supervisors’ Academy, or
    • an Individual Professional Learning Plan in cooperation with a Tennessee Institution of Higher Education with an approved Leadership Preparation Program.

Converting BAL to ILL-B

The process for converting a BAL to an ILL-B requires that educators review the updated TILS and the new administrator evaluation process. The purpose of this required review is to ensure that all educators who hold the BAL are familiar with new expectations for Tennessee instructional leaders.

If you currently hold an expired BAL, you need to complete the review and survey, unless you meet the criteria for advancement to the ILL-P:

Steps for Conversion

  1. Review the following documents:
  2. After reviewing these materials, complete the online review
  3. Submit transaction to

If you complete these steps after August 31, 2016, you will be required to submit your application online, as we will no longer accept paper applications for BAL conversion.  To complete your BAL application online, log onto your TNCompass account and select “Reactive License,” and complete the Reactivate License transaction.


If you have additional questions, please send an email to