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Non-Public School Educators

The Office of Teacher Licensing serves educators employed in Tennessee non-public schools in the following manner:

  1. Alternative and interim licenses,
  2. Initial teacher or administrative licenses for applicants completing an approved teacher/administrative preparation program, and
  3. Licenses for out-of-state applicants meeting current licensing requirements.

Licensed educators employed in categories one, two, three and 1SP schools of state approved non-public schools are eligible for advancement to the Professional license (teacher). Advancement is required for licensed educators in category one and 1SP schools and is optional for those in category two and category three schools. Non-public schools in any of these categories must use the state model for evaluation and have a trained evaluator in order for the educator to advance. Advancement requirements for licensed educators with three years of verified teaching experience include evaluation by a trained evaluator in an area of endorsement on a valid apprentice teacher license.

Educators granted an alternative or interim license, a waiver, or a permit are not eligible for licensure advancement.

Questions pertaining to the evaluation process should be directed to the Director of Teacher Evaluation in the Office of Professional Development at (615) 532-1635. Questions pertaining to the category of non-public school should be directed to the Office of Non Public Schools at (615) 532-6274.

Licensed educators in category four and category five non-public schools are not eligible for licensure advancement.

Licensed educators are required to maintain a current, valid teacher or administrative license. Renewal of a license, adding an advanced degree, adding an additional endorsement, change of name or address, and request for a duplicate license must be processed through the Office of Teacher Licensing. Refer to the quick links at the left of this screen for obtaining information about those licensing options.