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Advisory Council for the Education of Students with Disabilities

The Advisory Council for the Education of Students with Disabilities shall advise the State on unmet needs, initiatives of the Council and consult with the Governor, the Commissioner of Education, the State Board of Education and the Assistant Commissioner of the Division of Special Populations, Tennessee Department of Education.

All interested persons are invited to attend advisory council meetings. During the meetings opportunities for public input are available. The time available is limited and will be scheduled on a first come/first serve basis. For more information, contact the Kristen McKeever at (615) 741-0572 or the Shannon Taylor, council chair at

Name Email Address Area of Representation
Shannon Taylor, Chair Parents
Joey Ellis, Vice Chair Individuals with Disabilities
Amy Allen Special Education Administrators
Angela Jackson State and Local Education Officials
Brian Brown Parents
Catherine Knowles Office of the Coordinator for Education of Homeless Children and Youth
Chantal Hess-Taylor Parents
Cleatrice McTorry State Adult Correction Agencies
Darlene Walden Parents
David Craig Private Schools
Dawn Fry Parents
Gayle Feltner Other State Agencies
Jennifer Escue Parents
Margaret Spickard Parents
Mary Meador Juvenile Corrections Agencies
Patricia Valladares Organizations Providing Transitional Services
Paula Brownyard Institutions of Higher Education
Travis Commons Charter Schools