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Forms & Timeline for Textbook Adoption Coordinators

The Local Education Agency Textbook Forms Overview details all required textbook forms, with descriptions, due dates, and form numbers.

Select the form number and title to download. Instructions for returning each form are included below the title.

Form I - Categories to be Bid (Section C)

ED-4091 Coordinator Update Information

  • Update of contact information for the textbook coordinator(s) and anyone who is to received information regarding the adoption subject area(s). To be completed each year by ALL coordinators by August 31 (Note - Change of date) of each school year and at the time of any change during the school year.

ED-2168 Request for Samples

  • Online form at Tennessee Book Company

ED-2150 Director of Schools Record of Names and Qualifications of Members of Local Textbook Selection Committees

  • Remains in office of the director of schools

ED-2152 Certification of Compliance with Tennessee Code Annotated Section 49-3-310 (4) (A)

  • Complete via online form by October 15 of each year.

Due the Spring of Each School Year

LEA Bid Submission Intent Form

  • Return by email by April 15.

ED-2153 Certification of Adoption

  • By April 15 each year, submit scanned document using the link above.

ED-5099 Report of Local Adoption of Textbooks to State

  • This form will be available in early March of each year. Use the link above to submit to the TN Department of Education and Tennessee Book Company.

ED-2154 LEA Adoption Report

  • Remains in office of the director of schools. It is used in conjunction with ED-5099 as an attachment for the certification of the reviewers.