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Executive Director

Paul Cross

Robert Paul Cross is a native of Shelbyville, Tennessee and attended the public school systems there. He graduated from ShelbyvilleCentral High School, and attended college at Middle Tennessee State University. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 1971 and his Master of Arts in History in 1974. 

Hired in 1974 by the Tennessee Historical Commission as a Historical Projects Officer, Mr. Cross provided technical assistance to state-owned historic sites, and administered both state and federal grants-in-aid for historic site preservation projects.  Upon being designated Tennessee’s Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer in 1976 he began to assume a greater role in the administration of programs funded through the National Historic Preservation Act. He assisted the Commission’s executive director in both state and federal program matters. He represented the commission before the State Building Commission, and was the chief liaison for the Commission with the Tennessee General Assembly. In his capacity he worked with other state agencies, assisted in writing legislation as requested, and provided the General Assembly with assistance upon request. He continued to oversee restoration projects funded by or owned by the State of Tennessee.  During the time of his state employment he also served as Adjunct Professor of History at MTSU, where he designed and taught two courses in the Historic Preservation Program there. 

In 1981, Mr. Cross accepted a position as Director of Special Projects for JRN, Inc. in Columbia, Tennessee. There he oversaw the acquisition, restoration, and maintenance of both residential and commercial historic properties in private ownership. He also assisted his employers in building an antique and fine art auction enterprise in New Orleans, Louisiana, ultimately being named Vice-President of the Neal Auction Company. During his time in Columbia he was appointed to the Columbia Historic Zoning Commission and became its Chairman, where he was given responsibility for initiating energy management controls in the company’s restaurants operating in seven states. 

Mr. Cross left his position with JRN, Inc to build businesses of his own in administrative consulting. He moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 2003 and became an administrative consultant working with developers and home builders in a rapidly expanding economy. In this capacity he represented clients before municipal and county planning and governing bodies, assisted builders in zoning and codes compliance and public relations. 

In 2009 Mr. Cross was retained to represent a developer in completing the LEEDS certified renovation of a 63,000 square foot office complex for occupation by the Department of Veterans Affairs. In 2011 Mr. Cross was hired to serve as the on-site property manager and engineer of the facility. 

Paul Cross resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with his wife Cathleen. He continues his public service as the Vice-Chairman of the Murfreesboro Historic Zoning Commission.