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How to Obtain a DIRECT Mailbox

First Time User Training

A DIRECT email address will allow you to send and receive Patient Data through the Tennessee eHealth Portal.

To obtain a DIRECT email address:

  • Your manager must approve you for an account.
  • You must read and adhere to the State of Tennessee DIRECT Secure Messaging Policies .
  • Your State Agency’s DIRECT Security Manager or DIRECT Administrator will provide two forms for you to complete and sign: the Authorized User Identity Verification Form and the Authorized User Agreement Form.

After these steps are complete, you will receive an email from your DIRECT Administrator that will provide a link to the TN eHealth Portal. Click the link to start the DIRECT System Registration. The following interactive training lessons will prepare you for that step and setting up your DIRECT email address.

If you have a problem viewing these lessons, you should be aware that these interactive lessons require the Flash Player to be installed on the computer. You must have at least version 9 of the player. If you do not have Flash Player on your computer, please contact your IT Administrator. Some devices do not allow the installation of the Flash Player; Apple iPhones and iPads are devices that you will not be able to use to take these lessons.