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Tennessee’s HIE Strategy

The Office of eHealth has developed a two-lane strategy for developing a statewide network for health information exchange (HIE).

First, is the development of public and private health information exchanges (HIEs) across systems, communities and geographic regions. These smaller HIEs could then connect to one another so that they could electronically communicate and exchange health care information, as required, forming a state-wide network of exchanges. Hospitals and health care providers that have adopted electronic health records (EHRs) could transmit and update their patients' health information by electronically communicating with other health care providers over these HIE networks. The goal is to have all HIE networks interoperable across the state so that providers for any patient in Tennessee could have immediate electronic access to all their health care records from their entire health care team regardless of their physical location.

Second, is to support DIRECT technology for HIE. Direct technology is an 'email-like' messaging system that can transmit health care information between two entities that both have DIRECT addresses. The DIRECT messaging system is more secure than regular email because the information included in DIRECT messages is encrypted until opened by the intended recipient.

For more information on Tennessee's DIRECT strategy: