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State Review Board

Meeting Details: Revised (9/15/2020)

September 16, 2020 - 9:00 AM CDT - WebEx Virtual Meeting

Board Characteristics

Twelve members appointed by the State Historic Preservation Officer for five-year terms. Members must have demonstrated a competence, interest or knowledge in historic preservation and a majority of members shall be recognized professionals. At a minimum, members must include one professional in history, prehistoric and historic archaeology, and architectural history and architecture. The archaeologist must be qualified in both prehistoric and historic archaeology, and the architectural historian or architect must be qualified in both architectural history and architecture. The Chair of the Tennessee Historical Commission's Historic Sites Committee serves as an ex officio member.

Commissioned under the National Historic Preservation Act.

Member Term Expires Representation
Beverly Robertson Ex Officio Chair Historic Sites Committee, TN Historical Commission
Amanda Rose 09-30-2024 Planner/Historic Preservation
Lee Ingram 09-30-2024 Architectural Historian/Architect
vacant  09-30-2024 Historian
Jefferson Rogers 09-30-2024 Public/Historic Preservation
Juan Self 09-30-2025 Architect
Kevin Smith 09-30-2025 Archaeologist
James Thompson 09-30-2025 Architect
Learotha Williams, Jr. 09-30-2025 History
Michael Birdwell 09-30-2021 Historian
Bennett Graham 09-30-2021 Archaeologist
Tara M. Mielnik 09-30-2021 Public/Historian
Margot F. Payne 09-30-2021 Architectural Historian

May 20, 2020 Meeting

The State Review Board recommended approval of all properties reviewed at the meeting on May 20, 2020.  The National Register nominations will be sent to the National Register of Historic Places for final review and listing. You can view a PDF of the PowerPoint of properties reviewed at the meeting by clicking on the image below. 

Link to National Register Nominations


Claudette Stager

Board Contact

Patrick McIntyre

Executive Director
Tennessee Historical Commission
Department of Environment & Conservation

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