Vendor Opportunities

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License Agreement

Park Opportunity Expiration
Montgomery Bell Watercraft Rentals Concession April 8, 2022

Current License Agreements

Park Equestrian Vendor Opportunities Expiration
Chickasaw Equestrian 09/30/2023
Warriors Path Equestrian 09/30/2023
Park Watercraft Rental Opportunities Expiration
Panther Creek Kayak, Canoes and Paddle Boards 02/28/2022
Seven Islands Creek Kayak, Canoes and Paddle Boards 02/28/2022
Montgomery Bell Canoes, Kayaks and Paddle Boards 03/31/2022
Bledsoe Creek Kayak and Paddle Boards 04/30/2022
Park Cafe/Snack Bar/Restaurant Opportunities Expiration
Fall Creek Falls Snack Bar 09/30/2023
Tims Ford Marina & Grill 12/31/2024
Cove Lake Restaurant
Harrison Bay Restaurant
Park Various Expiration
Fall Creek Falls Gift Shop 09/30/2023
Fall Creek Falls General Store 12/31/2024
Booker T. Washington Bait Shop 03/31/2023

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