Construction and Modification Application Fees

Disclaimer: The information found on this page is current as of April 3, 2018 . If any differences exist between the information on this page and the effective Tennessee Comprehensive Rules and Regulations, the Tennessee  Comprehensive Rules and Regulations take precedence.

Rule 1200-03-26-.02 of the Tennessee Comprehensive Rules and Regulations provides the authority for the Division to assess fees for issuance of permits to construct and modify air pollution sources. Sources already paying Title V fees are not assessed a fee for construction or modification of any air contaminant sources, but new facilities that will be subject to Title V permitting and existing sources modifying their operations such that they become subject to Title V permitting are assessed construction and modification application fees until they begin paying Title V annual emission fees.

Construction permit application fees are based on the anticipated maximum emission rate of all regulated pollutants emitted by the source combined. Emissions are not double-counted if they fall into more than one category, such as a hazardous air pollutant that is also a volatile organic compound. The fees in the table below apply to non-Title V sources (sources that do not pay Title V [major source] annual emission fees at the time of application).

To modify a source, the non-Title V source must pay a permit processing fee equal to one-half the fee in the table below, not to exceed $500, based on the change in the anticipated maximum emission rate.

Anticipated Maximum Emission Rate (Tons/Year) Permit Fee
Less than 10 $ 100
10 to less than 100 $ 500
100 to less than 250 $1,000
250 to less than 500 $2,000
500 to less than 1000 $3,000
1,000 to less than 5,000 $4,000
5,000 or greater $5,000

APC is considering changes to the construction and modification permit application fee rates as part of the non-Title V stakeholder process. For information regarding this stakeholder process click here