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Active drycleaners and former drycleaners can to enter the Drycleaner Environmental Response Program, also known as DCERP. DCERP was created to help owners and operators of drycleaning facilities, be able to clean up their property that has been affected by drycleaning solvent.

The program has two parts. Annual registration is required for all operating drycleaners, closed facilities participating in environmental response, and solvent distributors. Active drycleaners, solvent distributors, and participants in environmental response pay a yearly fee. These fees are used to pay for the program.

The second part is Environmental Response Activities. Environmental Response Activities are voluntary. This allows for drycleaners to apply for help to clean up their contaminated property. All drycleaners are required to register to operate a drycleaner in TN, but are not required to enter the response side. In other words, even though you are registered to operate a drycleaner, you may not be registered for assistance with the costs to clean up a contaminated drycleaning site.

If you have any questions, please call 615-741-2281 or email us at

Do I need to register with DCERP?

If you…

Then you…

Are an active drycleaner Must mail the registration form (CN-1063) and fee to operate. You must also follow all Best Management Practices and submit a quarterly solvent log
Are wet washing clothes Do not need to register if you are not using drycleaning solvents.
No longer operating a drycleaner Send a registration form (CN-1063) and fee only if you wish to have cleanup activity performed.
Want to clean up your property contaminated by drycleaning Send an Application for Entry form (CN-1124) along with your Annual Registration form (CN-1063) and your fee.
Solvent Supplier located in Tennessee You need to send the Solvent Supplier registration form (CN-1062) and pay the Supplier Registration Fee. You may only sell to registered drycleaning facilities.
Solvent Supplier located outside of Tennessee You need to submit a Solvent Supplier registration form  (CN-1062)but no fee is required. You may only sell to registered drycleaning facilities. 
Are an Environmental Contractor Send a DCAC Application (CN-1123) and fee if you wish to work on DCERP sites.

Please call us at 615-741-2281or email us at if you have any questions.

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