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Operator Training

Click here to go to the Tennessee Tank Helper Website when you are ready to register, designate and train. You should finish reading this page first.

Tennessee Tank Owners and Operators

Owners you will need your “Owner ID” from the annual fee receipt or “Customer ID” from the facility Invoice statement before you can register. You will enter this number, during registration, in the field “Owner ID #”.

Owners of Tanks in Other States

You will need to register as an operator to take the training and print  certificates. If your state has specific instructions below please print them out and save for your records.

Hazardous Substance UST System Operators

click here for further instructions, before going to the Tennessee Tank Helper Website. This section addresses a federal rule for a specialized category of tanks that does not apply to or need to be reviewed by operators of petroleum USTs at traditional gas station sites.


Anyone is welcome to login, register as an operator and view training materials. (Permission from The Division is not needed)