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UST Data and Reports

The Tennessee Division of Underground Storage Tanks maintains a database which contains information concerning the Division’s activities. The following information is available for download in a filtered Excel format. These files are updated monthly and contain information that is accurate as of December 26, 2018.  The Division is providing this information at no charge, therefore technical support is not available to assist you with interpreting or using the data. 

Additional information, concerning past tank owners, more detailed information concerning environmental issues, compliance matters, and reimbursement of releases can be obtained by calling (615) 532-0945 and scheduling a file review appointment.

Tennessee UST Compartments

This spreadsheet contains information on all tank compartments that the Division regulates.

Tennessee UST Facilities

This spreadsheet contains the information listed by facility instead of compartment.  Each reported facility is listed with the corresponding owner. The total number of tanks are listed along with the status of the tanks at a facility.

Tennessee UST Owners

This spreadsheet contains information listed by owner. Each reported owner     is listed, along with the total number and active number of facilities currently registered to them. The total number of compartments and their current status is also listed per owner.

Environmental Activities

This spreadsheet contains information of all facilities where any type of environment related activity has occurred due to a tank closure, a suspected release or a confirmed release.    The information contained on this spreadsheet is the owner’s name and address when the environment activities began, the facility’s name and address when the environmental activities began, the last known consultant’s name and address working on the site, and the current status of the activities taking place.

Reimbursement Activities

This spreadsheet contains information of all facilities which have applied for reimbursement from the Tennessee Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fund.

The information contained on this spreadsheet is the owner's name that made the request, the facility's name and address where the request was made, and the amount that was requested, disallowed, deductible applied, and the amount of the payment.

UST Public Record

This is the yearly summary of on-site inspections and releases for Underground Storage Tanks.