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Challenge FAQ

How do I qualify for the Tennessee Kids Serve Summer Challenge?

Participants are asked to devote a portion of their summer break to serving other by completing the following requirements:

1)       Challenge participants must complete a service activity from at least four of the provided eight categories.

2)      Challenge participants must submit their completed service log along with photos of the child serving to the Office of the First Lady by August 11, 2021.

Each week, First Lady Maria Lee will highlight one service category on social media. Kids can follow along and complete an activity from the category she focuses on each week, or they can complete each category in the order and timeframe that works best for the child and family.

Upon registering for the challenge, families will receive additional information and a service log to return to the Office of the First Lady. Parents or guardians will need to help their child fill out the required contact information on the service log and return it to the Office of the First Lady by August 11, 2021.

Service logs and accompanying materials can be returned to the Office of the First Lady by:


Mail: Office of the First Lady, 882 S. Curtiswood Lane, Nashville, TN 37204

Where do I find the guidelines and the service log?

The guidelines are available on our website here.

The guidelines and service log will be made available for download after registering a child for the challenge here.

What will students receive for participating in the challenge?

All students who complete the challenge will receive a certificate of recognition signed by First Lady Maria Lee.

How many service hours do I have to complete?

This year, there is no minimum requirement for service hours. Rather, kids are asked to complete a project from a minimum of four service categories. Service activities from the four chosen categories can be completed at leisure during the eight weeks of the challenge.

We still encourage participants to serve as much as possible! Feel free to complete more than four service activities, or spend multiple days working on one project.

How do I track my service hours?

Service hours should be recorded on the service log provided for download after registration.

Do I have to use one of the examples listed under my chosen category in the guidelines?

No, examples of service activities that fulfill each category are provided to be helpful, however kids can choose to fulfill a service category in any way they choose.

Where can I find opportunities to serve in my community?

Check out the First Lady’s website at to find ideas for meaningful ways to serve your community.

We also recommend browsing the Tennessee Serves Volunteer Portal at to find volunteer opportunities in your area that suit your interests and skill level.

What if I cannot access internet, a computer or printer to register online for the challenge?

Please contact the Office of the First Lady at 615-741-7846 to register by phone and receive challenge materials by mail.

Can I still register for the challenge after June 1?

Yes, participants may register at any point during the challenge from June 1 – August 1.

Does doing my family chores count as service hours?  

Family chores or acts of kindness toward family members will NOT count as service hours for this challenge. The challenge is designed to encourage kids and families to engage in serving their neighbors and community.

How do I share information with First Lady Maria Lee about my child’s summer service?

At the end of the challenge, we ask that the completed service log, photos of the child serving and any accompanying information be submitted via email or mail to the Office of the First Lady.

During the challenge, parents and guardians can share photos of their child serving on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtag #TNKidsServe or email them to our office at

First Lady Lee will share these photos on social media and on her website. You can follow along with First Lady Maria Lee on social media here:

Facebook: First Lady Maria Lee

Twitter: @MariaLeeTN

Instagram: @firstladymarialee

YouTube: First Lady Maria Lee

Flickr: First Lady Maria Lee