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Path to College Events

Schools and education organizations are invited to participate in Tennessee's Path to College events. The Path to College events are focused on continuing the momentum and excitement around the college-going process during a student’s junior and senior year. These events serve as a venue to inform students and their families of college options and the benefits of those options. Path to College events also walk students and families through the steps necessary to pursue their best college option. Furthermore, during the initial years of Tennessee Promise, these events serve as an additional platform to tell families about the opportunities associated with the scholarship and as a mechanism to ensure they meet all of the necessary requirements and deadlines. In order for the full potential of Tennessee Promise to be realized, students and families need to be aware of and understand the opportunity of higher education. 

Each of the four Path to College events engage students on four important parts of the college-going process: planning (College Planning Night), applying (College Application and Exploration Week), paying (College Goal Tennessee FAFSA Frenzy), and going (College Signing Day). 

The events are typically hosted by high schools, college access organizations, and, more and more often, elementary and middle schools. Typically, a school counselor or similar staff member at a non-profit organization will register for each event. We ask that only one person per school register for each event.

NEW THIS YEAR- high schools who host all 4 Path to College Events during the 2017/2018 school and complete post event surveys will be designated as “Path to College Schools” in the Fall of 2018. For more information and requirements, click here.

For more information on each event, click on the following links:

College Planning Night

College Application and Exploration Week


College Signing Day