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Request for Proposals (RFP) Opportunities


Tennessee buys myriad personal, professional, and consulting services which are used within state government to most efficiently meet the varied demands for high quality public service.  Typically, contractors delivering such services are selected through the Request for Proposals (RFPs) process or some other appropriate means and are paid on a "fee-for-service" basis.

Tennessee also uses grant awards to achieve many of its objectives and programmatic responsibilities.  Grants are simply types of contracts that are used to affect an award of funding or property to a grant recipient or "grantee."  A grant benefits the general public or some population of the general public, and deliverables pursuant to a grant contract are comprised of professional services provided to third-party beneficiaries rather than service provided to the state.

The State of Tennessee contracts for personal, professional, and consulting services directly through its various departments and agencies. Individuals, businesses, and other service providers who wish to provide personal, professional, and consulting services to the State of Tennessee are encouraged to frequently visit the State of Tennessee Request for Proposals web page to review recent solicitations and other professional service procurement related notices.


                                                                      March 23, 2018,  1:20  PM - UPDATED

Requests for Proposals (RFPs), solicitations, and public notices related to professional service procurements are posted on this web page as they are released by the state.  ONLY information relating to professional service procurements is posted here. Posted documents may be updated with relevant amendments at any time

Please see the links below for other bid opportunities with the State of Tennessee:
Bid Opportunities & ITB's -to bid on these events go to the Supplier Portal and log in

GoDBE Current Procurement Opportunities:  Click here  for the CPO Models and Templates page (TN State Intranet Users Only) .

If needed, programs to view digital files in the formats posted on this page may be available via the following websites:

RFQ Refer ALL questions about posted documents to the contact person specifically identified in each document.

NOTICE:  The Central Procurement Office maintains the contents of this box and the "RFPs, Solicitations, Requests & Commission on Fire Fighting Personnel Standards & Education Field Representatives for East Tennessee" box immediately below. Report broken links in either of these two boxes to

Document ID & Hyperlink

Posted or Updated

Event Title

RFI 30901-39118 3/19/2018 Investment Risk Analytics Systems, Tools and Service  
RFI 34901-00510 3/19/2018 Credential Services  
RFP 33701-10517 3/15/2018 Laboratory Services  
RFI 31701-05001 3/12/2018 Merchant Services  
RFP 40100-07818 3/12/2018 TDOT Collaborative Plans System  
RFQ 30501-01817
Amendment 1
3/14/2018-UPDATED TN Bear Re-Bid Project  
RFP 34101-01000-Release 2
Amendment 1
3/23/2018-UPDATED TNVCA Food Service Management  
RFP 33501-187301
Amendment 1
3/15/2018-UPDATED Auctioneer Newsletter  
RFP 31786-00141
RFP 31786-00141 Release 2
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Cost Proposal
Appendix 7.1 2013 Enrollment Totals
Appendix 7.2 2018 New Hire Guide
Appendix 7.3 2018 New Hire Guide ST
Appendix 7.4 2018 New Hire Guide LE
Appendix 7.5 2018 Reports
Appendix 7.6 2018 Plan Information
Appendix 7.7 2018 Eligibility File
Appendix 7.8 2018 TN Satisfaction Survey
Appendix 7.9 Release 2-Word
Appendix 7.10 Pre-Bid Conference Power Point
3/16/2018-UPDATED Decision Support System  
RFP 34301-20718
Amendment 1
2/16/2018-UPDATED Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Consulting Services  
RFP 30501-02318
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Integrated Library Service  
RFQ 33501-182533
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
2/6/2018 Phsycological Evaluation Services  
RFQ 31701-23022
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Attachment H Public Chapter No. 824 Executive Internal Auditor
Attachment I Internal Audit Quarterly Assurance and Improvement Program Manual
Attachment J Internal Audit Policy Manual
Attachment K Independent Statement
Attachment L Exhibit A Internal Audit Feedback Survey
Attachment M Exhibit B Q/A Summary Grid
Attachment N Exhibit C Q/A Review Program
Attachment O Exhibit D Q/A Review Sample Report
Attachment P Exhibit E QAIP Annual Report Example
Attachment Q 2017 IIA Model Charter Adapted
Attachment R Executive Branch Organizational Chart
3/06/2018-UPDATED Executive Internal Audit Consulting Services  
RFP 34347-64918
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
3/23/2018-UPDATED Tobacco Use Prevention Media Library  
RFI 30901-38118 2/1/2018 Disability Determination Services   
RFP 34353-15419  
Amendment 1  
2/26/2018 - UPDATED Breastfeeding Hotline Services  
RFP  31865-00486
Amendment 1
1/30/2018 Asset Verification System  
RFP 40100-08518
Amendment 1
2/20/2018-UPDATED Sale of Stream and Wetland Mitigation Credity
RFP 33105-02418  
Amendment 1  
2/26/2018 - UPDATED E-Portfolio Application
RFP 33132-00318-Release No. 2
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
2/22/2018-UPDATED Provision on Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) Instructional Materials and Training to VPK Programs


RFP 31786-00140-Release 2
Appendix 7.1 Center Eligibility Layout
Appendix 7.2 Center Services Layout DSS
Appendix 7.3 Center Utilization
Appendix 7.4 Employee Counts by County
Appendix 7.5 Health Center Layout
Appendix 7.6 Center Style Guide
Appendix 7.7 Patient Utilization Form Cost Proposal Excel Version
Appendix 7.8
Appendix 7.9
Appendix 7.10
Amendment 1



Partners for Health Center Management
RFQ 32701-03167
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
2/16/2018-UPDATED Environmental Services
RFP 30501-02218 1/17/2018 Security Services
RFP 33501-18801
Amendment 1
2/6/2018-UPDATED Expert Review and Witness Testimony for the Tennessee Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors
RFP 34513-22319
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
3/05/2018-UPDATED Child Support Enforcement Services 20th Judicial District, Tennessee, Davidson County
RFP 33103-01018
Amendment 1 PDF
Amendment 1 Word
2/16/2018-UPDATED Individualized Education Program (IEP) Database System and Associated Hosting, Maintenance and Support
RFP 34301-17517
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
1/31/2018-UPDATED Development and Implementation of the Office of the State Chief Medical Examiner (OSCME) Case Managment Services (CMS)
RFP 31865-00487
Amendment 3
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
2/16/2018-UPDATED Tenncare and Cover Kids Application Processing Center Operations
RFI 34901-10367
Calibration Specifications
Calibration Equipment Attachment A
Terms and Conditions
1/4/2018 Test Equipment Calibration and Repair
RFP 34305-20918
Test Site
TN Test Site Summary
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
2/5/2018-UPDATED Nurse Aide Testing
RFP 33501-185001
Amendment 1
1/23/2018-UPDATED Technical Consulting Services
RFP 32701-02300
Pro Forma Version
Attachment 6.7 Trail Map with Waypoints
Attachment 6.8 Waypoint Coordinates
1/3/2018 Soak Creek Trail Construction
RFP 34320-12117
Amendment 5
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
2/01/2018-UPDATED Institutional Review Board Software Application
RFP 32101-18102
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
2/15/2018-UPDATED Online Auction Services
RFP 33501-182507 
Amendment 1
11/21/2017-UPDATED Commerce and Insurance-Outdoor Fireworks, Proximate Pyrotechnics, and Flame Effects Operator Certification Program 
RFP 32901-31328
Amendment 9
Amendment 8
Amendment 7
Amendment 6
Amendment 5
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Attachment 2-TDOC
Facilities Office Map
Attachment 4 Policy 302.12
Attachment 6 Revenue Registration
Attachment 7 Breakdown
2/14/2018-UPDATED Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing 

RFP 31701-03202

Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Solicitation Notice
Informational Note
Informational Note 2 

1/26/2018-UPDATED  Identity Proofing Services