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Request for Proposals (RFP) Opportunities


Tennessee buys myriad personal, professional, and consulting services which are used within state government to most efficiently meet the varied demands for high quality public service.  Typically, contractors delivering such services are selected through the Request for Proposals (RFPs) process or some other appropriate means and are paid on a "fee-for-service" basis.

Tennessee also uses grant awards to achieve many of its objectives and programmatic responsibilities.  Grants are simply types of contracts that are used to affect an award of funding or property to a grant recipient or "grantee."  A grant benefits the general public or some population of the general public, and deliverables pursuant to a grant contract are comprised of professional services provided to third-party beneficiaries rather than service provided to the state.

The State of Tennessee contracts for personal, professional, and consulting services directly through its various departments and agencies. Individuals, businesses, and other service providers who wish to provide personal, professional, and consulting services to the State of Tennessee are encouraged to frequently visit the State of Tennessee Request for Proposals web page to review recent solicitations and other professional service procurement related notices.


                                                                      January 16, 2018 2:05 PM - UPDATED

Requests for Proposals (RFPs), solicitations, and public notices related to professional service procurements are posted on this web page as they are released by the state.  ONLY information relating to professional service procurements is posted here. Posted documents may be updated with relevant amendments at any time

Please see the links below for other bid opportunities with the State of Tennessee:
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If needed, programs to view digital files in the formats posted on this page may be available via the following websites:

RFQ Refer ALL questions about posted documents to the contact person specifically identified in each document.

NOTICE:  The Central Procurement Office maintains the contents of this box and the "RFPs, Solicitations, Requests & Commission on Fire Fighting Personnel Standards & Education Field Representatives for East Tennessee" box immediately below. Report broken links in either of these two boxes to

Document ID & Hyperlink

Posted or Updated

Event Title

RFP 33501-18801 1/16/2018 Expert Review and Witness Testimony for the Tennessee Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors
RFP 34513-22319 1/16/2018 Child Support Enforcement Services 20th Judicial District, Tennessee, Davidson County
RFP 33103-01018 1/11/2018 Individualized Education Program (IEP) Database System and Associated Hosting, Maintenance and Support
RFP 34301-17517
Amendment 2
1/8/2018 Development and Implementation of the Office of the State Chief Medical Examiner (OSCME) Case Managment Services (CMS)
RFP 31865-00487 1/4/2018 Tenncare and Cover Kids Application Processing Center Operations
RFI 34901-10367
Calibration Specifications
Calibration Equipment Attachment A
Terms and Conditions
1/4/2018 Test Equipment Calibration and Repair
RFP 34305-20918 1/3/2018 Nurse Aide Testing
RFP 33501-185001 1/3/2018 Technical Consulting Services
RFP 32701-02300
Pro Forma Version
Attachment 6.7 Trail Map with Waypoints
Attachment 6.8 Waypoint Coordinates
1/3/2018 Soak Creek Trail Construction
RFI 31701-03240 12/28/2017 Next Generation Information Technology (IT) Training Services
RFP 33701-10517 12/28/2017 Laboratory Services
RFP 34320-12117
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
1/16/2018-UPDATED Institutional Review Board Software Application
RFP 32101-18102
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
1/11/2018-UPDATED Online Auction Services
RFP 33501-182535 
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
12/08/2017-UPDATED TLETA Online Training Platform 
RFP 31901-00001 
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
12/8/2017 -UPDATED Department of Human Resources -Market and Total Compensation Study 
RFI 33001-18103   11/6/2017  Memphis Regional Megasite 
RFP 33501-182507 
Amendment 1
11/21/2017-UPDATED Commerce and Insurance-Outdoor Fireworks, Proximate Pyrotechnics, and Flame Effects Operator Certification Program 
RFP 30901-35518
Amendment 1
Cost Proposal
12/20/2017-UPDATED Pharmacy Benefits Manager 
RFP 32901-31328
Amendment 5
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Attachment 2-TDOC
Facilities Office Map
Attachment 4 Policy 302.12
Attachment 6 Revenue Registration
Attachment 7 Breakdown
12/29/2017-UPDATED Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing 
RFP 30901-33917 
Amendment 1
11/13/2017-UPDATED Third Party Administrator for Tort Liability Program 
RFP 31701-03202
Amendment 1
Solicitation Notice
Informational Note
Informational Note 2 
11/14/2017  Identity Proofing Services 
RFI -40100-07818  10/6/2017  Electronic Construction Plan Collaboration and Storage 
RFI 34570-90818 10/5/2017  Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management System 
RFP 30716-16015 
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
10/30/2017-UPDATED Enterprise Content Management System Consultant Services 
RFP 33501-189007  10/4/2017  Expert Witness and Residential Appraisal Review Services for the TN Real Estate Appraiser Commission 
RFP 34800-073017
Amendment 1 
10/2/2017-UPDATED Services fro STR (Short Term Tandem Repeat) Analysis on Biological Samples 
RFI 31865-00485  9/29/2017  Enterprise Data Warehouse and Decision Support System 
RFP 30501-01618
Amendment 1 
10/16/2017-UPDATED Online Access to Test Preparation and Skills Building Resources for the TN Electronic Library 
RFP 30501-01718  9/18/2017  Online access to Interactive Language Learning Resources for the TN Electronic Learning Library 
RFP 33501-187102
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
9/18/2017-UPDATED Development and Administration of Examinations For the Tennessee Locksmith Licensing Program
RFI 32701-10219
Sequatchie Cave Plans
Sequatchie Map
Terms and Conditions
9/11/2017 Sequatchie Streambank Pre-bid Conference
RFI 31865-00479 9/5/2017  Application Processing Service
RFP 33201-04818
Amendment 1
8/30/2017-UPDATED Tennessee Connect Media Campaign
RFQ 32701-03182
Amendment 1
9/8/2017-UPDATED Jackson Flood Control Consultation Services
RFQ 32701-003183
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
9/08/2017-UPDATED Tiptonville and Cold Creek Chute