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State Health Plan

Health impacts every aspect of our lives. From our ability to learn to our ability to work, the quality of our lives depends heavily on how healthy we are. The State Health Plan exists to contemplate the factors that determine health, consider the resources we can utilize to improve health and coordinate the people who desire to lead the way towards making people in Tennessee healthier. In this way the State Health Plan is the policy driver for the Tennessee Department of Health and its partners to protect, promote, and improve the health and prosperity of people in Tennessee. 

In 2009, the Division of Health Planning produced Tennessee’s first comprehensive State Health Plan. Annually the Division updates the plan with new information, updated strategies and revised standards and criteria for the state’s Certificate of Need program. 

In 2014, the State Health Plan shifted from a focus on the allocation of healthcare resources to a focus on population health and the betterment of the lives of all the people of Tennessee.  

Throughout 2015 and 2016 the Division of Health Planning has been utilizing a federal State Innovation Model grant to develop a statewide Population Health Improvement Plan (PHIP).  The Division of Health Planning is working closely with the Office of Health Policy, the Division of Health Care Finance and Administration, the Bureau of TennCare, and five academic public health institutions across the state to develop a comprehensive plan to improve the population health of the people of Tennessee. The PHIP will focus heavily on perinatal health, child health, tobacco cessation, diabetes and obesity.   The state is also hosting a series of meetings in order to collect input from the general public about the state population health improvement plan which will be incorporated into the 2015 Update to the State Health Plan. 

The Division of Health Planning relies on the knowledge and experience of all people in Tennessee to develop the State Health Plan. For more information on how you can partner with the division to help chart a path towards better health in Tennessee, please visit our Get Involved page. Below are all versions of the Tennessee State Health Plan to date:  

 Repository of Opportunities and Recommendations (download)
 2016 Update to the Tennessee State Health Plan (download
 2015 Update to the Tennessee State Health Plan (download)
 2014 Update to the Tennessee State Health Plan (download)
 2012 Update to the Tennessee State Health Plan (download)
 2011 Update to the Tennessee State Health Plan (download)
 2010 Update to the Tennessee State Health Plan (download)
 2009 Tennessee State Health Plan (download)