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Falls Prevention

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • 1 out of 3 older adults falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor.
  • 1 out of 5 falls causes a serious injury, such as broken bones or head trauma.

The good news? Most falls can be prevented!

Are you an older adult?

Are you a caregiver or loved one of an older adult?

Are you a medical provider for older adults?

Implement the STEADI Fall Risk Assessment into your medical practice. All materials are free categorical measurements of risk, and the assessment takes minimal time to conduct during a medical appointment.

According to the CDC, you should:

  • Ask your patients 3 Questions:
  1. Have you fallen in the past year?
  2. Do you feel unsteady when standing or walking?
  3. Do you worry about falling?

If your patient answers "yes" to any of these key screening questions, they are considered at increased risk of falling. Further assessment is recommended.

  • Review medications, and stop, switch, or reduce the dosage of drugs that increase fall risk.
  • Recommend vitamin D supplements of at least 800 IU/day with calcium.

Download or order from the CDC more tools for your medical practice.

Falls Prevention Programs

Evidenced-based falls prevention programs are currently offered statewide. These programs use strategies that have been proven to reduce the incidence of falls among older adults.

Need help finding open programs near you? Are you a medical provider, or do you represent a hospital and want to schedule a class for your patients? Complete the fields below, then submit your responses. We'll put you in touch with someone in your area who can help find the closest available options.