Service Awards

The Employee Service Awards Program serves as a way to show gratitude and appreciation to employees that have displayed years of dedication and loyalty to State service. We understand highlighting these achievements is important; therefore, we recognize employees who have showcased their commitment to our State. The Service Awards contract became effective in early September, with this year’s program offering a larger selection of awards, including both traditional and lifestyle items. There is also an improved award selection structure that gradually increases award value with service milestone. Employees with 30 years of service and above will receive a plaque in addition to an award item.

Below are links to the Department of Human Resources Rules, contract link, and Coordinator Resources and Tools.

Policy:  DOHR Rules

Contract Link

Employee Guide (Edison)

Coordinator Guide (Edison)

Coordinator Guide

Coordinator Frequently Asked Questions            

Please follow the below path for the must current training guide on the Service Award Self Order Process and Certificate Program.

HCM Training Catalog > Human Resources > Service Award eForms and Certificates  

Note: The training guide can also be downloaded and but we suggest using the navigation in Edison to get latest version as updates are made.


Our longtime vendor, Southern Trophy, has provided a website, along with printable brochures, to assist in award selection. Please contact your agency’s Service Award Coordinator for instructions on ordering items.

Click Here for Service Awards Brochures

If you have any questions, please contact the Employee Relations division at