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Child Support Program

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) Child Support Program will be holding open forums for public input on proposed changes to the State of Tennessee’s Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines are what the courts use to determine the amount of child support to be paid. Parents, caretakers, and other interested parties are invited!  The open forums will be held in Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis.  Click sites below for additional information.

                                       Knoxville                                       Nashville                                     Memphis
                             September 27, 2018                        October 1, 2018                        November 7, 2018

Unable to attend a forum?  Give us your input online (all answers remain anonymous) :


In Tennessee, the Department of Human Services administers the Child Support Program.  Offices are located across the state in all 31 Judicial Districts.  The services are provided through local district attorneys, DHS staff and private agencies under contract with the state.

If you are having difficulty obtaining child support for your child(ren) or wish to establish paternity of your child(ren), the Department of Human Services can help. The Child Support Program provides services that promote parental responsibility to meet the financial needs of children and their families.

The following services are available through the Child Support Program:

  • Location of a child's parent(s) for the purpose of obtaining support or establishing paternity,
  • Establishment of paternity,
  • Establishment and enforcement of child support orders,
  • Establishment and enforcement of medical support,
  • Collection and distribution of payments,
  • Modification of child support orders, and
  • Enforcement of spousal support orders, if child support is involved.

If you feel the Child Support Program would be beneficial to you and you would like to apply online or to speak with a child support professional, click Child Support Offices to find the office which serves the county in which you live.  Staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the program. Frequently asked questions regarding the Child Support Program can be found here

NOTE:  The Child Support Program cannot help with civil matters such as divorce petitions, custody, or parenting time/visitation, nor can they provide legal advice on these issues. Contact the court clerk in your judicial district, local bar association or legal aid office to discuss how these matters can be addressed by the court.