Outreach Materials

Applying for Services

Application for Services (English) (Spanish)


Establishing Paternity (English)  (Spanish)

Paternity Guide for Dads (English)  (Spanish)

Paternity Guide for Moms (English)  (Spanish)

Fact Sheet for Married or Divorced Moms (English) (Spanish)

Fact Sheet for Unwed Moms – Questions and Answers about Acknowledging Paternity (English) (Spanish) (Somali)

TN VAoP Process – Instructions for Unmarried Parents (English) (Spanish)

Instructions for Parents – VAoP and Birth Certificates (English)

Tennessee Paternity Acknowledgment Program (TN VAoP)

“What’s the Rush?”

Review and Adjustment

Review and Adjustment Process (English) (Spanish)

Employer Services

Employer Brochure

Tennessee New Hire Reporting Program

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Guide

Employer’s Guide to Income Withholding Orders

Electronic Income Withholding Order (e-IWO) Information Guide

Employer FAQ’s

Payment Options

Payment Option Flyer

Where to Mail Child Support Payments

Noncustodial Parent Employment Programs

Child Support Non-Custodial Parent Employment Demonstration (CSPED)

Tennessee Child Support Employment and Parenting Program (TCSEPP)

Additional Resources

What to Expect in Court (English) (Spanish)

Child Support Fact Sheet

Child Support Handbook (English) (Spanish)

Debt Compromise Program for Child Support Arrears

Understanding Past Due Child Support