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National Guard’s Employment Enhancement Program (NGEEP)

The Tennessee National Guard’s Employment Enhancement Program (NGEEP) and the Citizen Soldier for Life Program (CSFL) (and its precursor the Job Connection Education Program (JCEP) are employment partnership initiatives designed to provide relevant and timely workforce training and job-placement assistance to National Guard and Reserve Component Service Members.  The program’s specialized education, training, and job-search services will enhance participants’ abilities to obtain and retain meaningful employment and has helped place over well over 4000+ participants in new jobs since the program began in 2012.

NGEEP / CSFL has a primary objective to help participants identify aptitudes and abilities honed in the military, arrive at a plan for transferring them to a civilian job setting, and assist program participants in understanding and mastering key job-search resources and services for optimal job placement.  This objective will be reached through:

  • Program training and career counseling services at National Guard Armories, Armed Forces Reserve Centers and select community facilities
  • Thorough assessment of skills, knowledge, abilities and relevant experience
  • Providing resume review, application assistance, mock interviews, education options, special classes and encouragement  Connecting participants to available jobs

These programs work with local companies explaining the benefits of hiring a National Guardsman and Reservist.  When a Service member participant applies for a job the business advisor makes sure the HR manager is aware the application has been made.  Our staff certainly can't guarantee participants will get the job, but they do their best to make sure the participant’s resume and application are appropriate for the position and that the hiring manager is aware a NGEEP/CSFL participant is interested in the position and has applied.

NGEEP / CSFL recognizes state and local agencies are working on initiatives to build a robust workforce and we realize that no single agency or organization will achieve this goal on its own.  Our intention is to partner with state and local agencies, such as the Tennessee Department of Labor, Career Centers, and Community Colleges as a complementary resource helps participants seek and secure gainful employment.

Through partnerships such as those outlined above, NGEEP / CSFL can establish links between existing services and resources with the two-fold result of job placements for dedicated Service members, as well as an increasingly skilled talent base and workforce for employers.

Military commitments, as well as family and personal responsibilities, make securing full time civilian employment difficult in today's economy.  The Tennessee National Guard’s jobs team helps provide the tools needed for participants to achieve their employment and education goals.


Dana Hampton

(615) 497-6680


Joe Martin – Western TN

(615) 880-0717


Billy Clark – Southern Mid-TN

(615) 319-6958


Lisa Berry – East TN

(615) 384-6262


Cindy Humphrey

(615) 467-2156


National Guard’s Employment Enhancement Program (NGEEP)