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Capital Projects

Most capital projects are approved as a part of the annual budget cycle either as appropriated line items or as disclosed projects (Higher Education projects only). Listed below are the approved lists from previous years. Each year after the Governor’s “State of the State” address, the list of projects proposed to the Legislature is posted. This list is replaced by the final list of approved projects upon passage of the annual Appropriations Act, commonly referred to as the “Budget”. Funding for these projects typically becomes available on July 1 of each year.

Designer selections are performed in accordance with the OSA Designer Selection Process. Final selections of designers are made by the Executive Subcommittee of the SBC based on recommendations of the SPAs and the user agency or campus. Designers are selected in this matter for all capital projects approved by the SBC that require the use of a designer.


Selection Process

Supplement to Process


Designer Registration

Designer Manuals & Projects Requiring Designers:

Recent Selections:

Design-Bid-Build is the standard method for the State to deliver most construction projects. Upon request of the SPA and approval of the SBC, projects may be procured using the alternative delivery methods of prequalifying Contractors (Best Value) or using a Construction Manager (CM/GC). All delivery methods are performed in accordance with the OSA Construction Delivery Methods. Individual construction project procurements are handled by each SPA’s contract division.

Construction Delivery Methods

Per the provisions of TCA 4-15-104, the Commission is authorized to prescribe standards for the construction of State buildings. Additionally, the Commission is encouraged to prescribe high performance building requirements and other standards to ensure all State Buildings perform in an energy efficient manner.