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2018 Fiscal Resources

Below are the resources all districts who received a 2018 Read to be Ready Summer Grant will need to access to successfully complete the budgeting and reimbursement process. Please email if you have any questions.

  • Reimbursement Webinar Recording: On  April 12, the department hosted a webinar to discuss the summer grant reimbursement process. You can access the recording of that webinar here. The password is Reading2018.
  • Reimbursement Webinar PowerPoint Slides: To access the PowerPoint slides used in the reimbursement webinar, please click here.


Reimbursement Documents

  • Time and Effort Document: This form will be used as part of the personnel reimbursement process to confirm that teachers have completed their designated duties. One copy will be uploaded during the first payroll reimbursement. New copies are only necessary if staffing changes. Access this document here.
  • Reimbursement Spreadsheet: Camps and districts will use this spreadsheet to create a running record of expenses and documents that are submitted as part of the reimbursement process. One copy should be uploaded into ePlan and updated with changes and additions throughout the summer. Access this document here.
  • Fiscal Requirement Webinar Recording: On January 5, the department hosted a webinar to discuss fiscal requirements. You can access the recording of that webinar here. The password is Tennessee1. 
  • Fiscal Requirement Webinar PowerPoint Slides: To access the PowerPoint slides used in the fiscal webinar, please click here.

Required Documentation for ePlan Budget Approval:

  • Signed Contract: Contracts were sent to all Directors of Schools via email on January 3. Directors must sign page 16 of the document, and attachments A and B should be filled out by the fiscal office. If fiscal office personnel have questions regarding attachments A and/or B, please view the guidance provided hereAfter the contract has been filled out completely, please return it to to receive the commissioner's signature. The department may take up to seven business days to return the contract to you with a signature, so please return the contract AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. After this has been returned, this must be uploaded into the Related Documents section in ePlan before your budget can be approved. 
  • Budget Expansion Sheet: Each district will fill out one budget expansion sheet to elaborate on how each school that was awarded funding will spend their funds. This document will require collaboration between the awarded program directors and the fiscal office to complete. You can access the budget expansion sheet herePlease note that the grant cannot cover field trips to non-academic locations (i.e. amusement or water parks, movie theaters, skating rinks, mini-golf, etc.) If your program director believes that there is a strong argument to host this field trip, please email for the proper protocol to receive consideration.
  • Code Crosswalk: Please use this crosswalk to properly code all  budget items in ePlan. If you have any questions about how an item should be coded, please email us. Access the crosswalk here. (Updated 1/30) Please note that all districts should budget $1 in in book postage. This will allow your district to purchase postage to mail books to campers after camp concludes, budget permitting.
  • Background Check Letter Template: All educators that will have daily interactions with students will be required to have a background check on file (this includes bus drivers). Please fill out this letter that confirms all educators and other personnel have (or will have) clear background checks on file prior to camp. Access the letter template here.

An investment of Child Care and Development Block Grant Funds by the Department of Human Services made the expansion of the 2018 summer grant program possible.