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Kristin Husat

Assistant Commissioner & General Counsel

Kristin Husat has served as assistant commissioner of Revenue since 2015 and as General Counsel since 2012.

As assistant commissioner, Kristin is responsible for the Legal Office, Administrative Hearing Office, and Collection Services divisions. In her time with the Department, Kristin has held positions as director of legal services and senior tax counsel. She joined the Department in 2005 after practicing federal tax and business law for three years at a Nashville law firm. Kristin received her J.D. from Vanderbilt University Law School and holds a Ph.D. in Italian language and literature from Yale University.

As general counsel, Kristin manages a team of attorneys who provide legal counsel on tax policy, tax litigation, legislation, employment issues, and operational matters. As assistant commissioner, Husat is deeply interested in organizational management. She most recently initiated a top-to-bottom restructuring and modernization of the Department’s collections operations.