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International Registration Plan

What is IRP?

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is an agreement among US states, the District of Columbia and Canadian provinces for commercial motor carrier registration fee payment.  To operate in multiple states or provinces, motor carriers must register in their home state or province.

IRP Forms and How to Use Them

For all new accounts and renewals, as well as for transactions that involve adding a vehicle to your fleet (including transfers), include a current stamped copy of the Schedule 1 (Form 2290) Heavy Vehicle Use Tax federal form, if the vehicle has a gross combined weight of 55,000 pounds or more, and it was purchased more than 60 days before the application date.  This would also include a transaction where you are upgrading the gross combined weight from 54,999 pounds or less to 55,000 pounds or more.

Also, if someone other than a representative of the company is completing the application, submit a Motor Carrier Power of Attorney.

Click on each topic below to read more information.  If you have additional questions, please look at our frequently asked questions.  For more information, visit the International Registration Plan's (IRP) website.

  • To add a unit to your IRP fleet, submit a Schedule A along with proof of title.  If you are applying for a title through the IRP office, you must submit a Multi-Purpose Title Application and Sales Tax Exemption Application along with the bill of sale and original title or certificate of origin.
  • If the registrant of the vehicle is different from the owner of the vehicle shown on the title, submit a completed Leased Vehicle - Owner’s Authorization to Lessee.
  • To transfer registration from one vehicle in your fleet to a new vehicle, submit the documentation required above for adding a vehicle, along with the cab card for the vehicle from which you are transferring the registration.
  • To change information about a unit in your fleet – for example, the owner equipment number, USDOT number responsible for safety, or gross combined weight - submit a Schedule A with the requested change noted somewhere in the blank space either at the top or bottom of the form.
  • To replace credentials such as a cab card, license plate, or decal, submit a completed Schedule C.

An IRP 72-Hour trip permit is required prior to entering a jurisdiction for any vehicle having a registration, but not registered or apportioned for a particular jurisdiction. This permit allows both inter or intra movement in Tennessee.

Trip Permit Wire Service Companies

The fee for a Tennessee trip permit is $30 per permit plus wire service fees and are available through the following contractors:

  • Coast2Coast Trucking Permits - (888) 963-0830
  • Custom Permits – (800) 669-5014
  • Fleet One – (877) 251-7639
  • Highway Permits Company – (888) 731-0312
  • Interstate Permit Service – (800) 343-4889
  • JJ Keller & Associates – (800) 231-5266
  • Jet Permit Ltd. – (800) 788-0603
  • Nova Permits – (800) 567-7775
  • On The Move Permits, Inc. – (800) 750-9910
  • ProMiles Software Development Corporation (800) 324-8588
  • State Permits – (800) 331-4805
  • T-Chek System – (877) 237-2435
  • The Permit Company – (800) 874-5512
  • Transceiver/Comdata – (800) 749-7107
  • Trans Mid-America – (800) 228-7577