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Need help filing professional privilege tax? Click here to file by the June 1 due date.

File and Pay

Effective Jan. 1, 2014, all franchise and excise tax return filings and payments related to form FAE170 must be made electronically. This includes extension requests and estimated payment filings. 

However, if you prepare form FAE170 and do not use a certified software provider and also have to file apportionment schedules, you cannot file the return online and must instead use paper tax forms. Taxpayers required to file paper forms in this specific situation are not subject to penalty charges for failing to file electronically. 

Unitary groups of financial institutions and captive real estate investment trusts must file a combined franchise and excise tax return on form FAE174.  Form FAE174 currently cannot be filed electronically.

If you file this tax using a software vendor, click here for a list of approved software vendors.