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Tennessee NMVTIS Reporting

New Law, Effective July 1, Affects Businesses That Buy or Receive Vehicle for Parts, Dismantling and Scrap

The Tennessee General Assembly recently passed a law affecting businesses that buy or receive vehicles for parts, dismantling or scrap. The purpose of this law is to protect consumers and business owners by collecting data and verifying motor vehicle ownership to prevent fraud and criminal activities. 

Any motor vehicle dismantler, recycler or scrap metal processor that is licensed to run a business in Tennessee is required to comply with the new law by adopting the process described below when purchasing motor vehicles for parts, dismantling or scrap. Any business that fails to meet these new reporting requirements could be subject to a minimum fine of $1,000. Please review frequently asked questions about this new legislation here.

Reporting Required Through Free Online Portal

Within 24 hours of receiving a vehicle, any Tennessee licensed motor vehicle dismantler, recycler or scrap metal processor must electronically submit motor vehicle information to the state through a free online portal. The state will verify whether the motor vehicle has been reported stolen, and it will continue to monitor the vehicle’s status for 30 calendar days.

If the vehicle has been reported stolen, the state will send an e-mail to the reporting business informing the business that the vehicle has been reported stolen. The business must notify local law enforcement that the reported vehicle has been stolen, and it must provide the location of the motor vehicle and the name of the person selling the motor vehicle. 

Online Portal Vendor Is Auto Data Direct

The Department of Revenue is providing an electronic reporting method for complying with these new reporting requirements through Auto Data Direct, Inc., which is a National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (“NMVTIS”) certified service provider.

Please contact Auto Data Direct, Inc. to create an account with this service.  You can reach them at 850-877-8804, or visit their website at