Decatur Art Trail

Friday, June 18, 2021 | 05:45pm
Decatur Art Trail

This summer, the town of Decatur began its second phase of the Decatur Art Trail. The trail initially began in 2018 when they took part in the Thriving Communities Program with Thrive Regional Partnership. After completing the program, the town of Decatur transitioned into a partnership with Tennessee Placemaking Partnership, which began phase one of their art trail in 2019. In phase one, the town created their “Decatur” wall mural, which can be seen in the 225 Years of TN Statehood video and their town square. Currently, with funding from Tennessee Art Commission, they are beginning phase two of the trail. This consists of painting sidewalks within the community that will connect to the town’s downtown area, where they have their Downtown Summer Nights Concert Series, as well as their city park. All awhile allowing citizens to admire the other created art along the way. The hope of this phase is to encourage citizens to utilize the sidewalks to walk around and enjoy the community, providing an opportunity for citizens to experience the benefits of art for their mental and physical health. The town will begin creating a sculpture within the park during phase three, scheduled for the fall. 

Decatur Art Trail Artists:
Wall Mural- Stefani Burchfield (2018)
Light pole Art- Grace Blevins (2019)
Sidewalk Art- Sara Plank, Kenzie Plank, and Alisha Paxton (2021)