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Education and Training

Improving School Culture at Surgoinsville Middle School

Program Name: Governor's Academy for School Leadership (GASL)

Agency Partner: Tennessee Department of Education (Hank Staggs)

Community Partner: Hawkins County School District, Surgoinsville Middle School (Amanda Smith)


Through the GASL Program, Surgoinsville Middle School has implemented changes to improve the overall culture of the school. Changes were implemented through a Focus Plan, which was developed for the GASL Program, and new ideas were added as Mrs. Smith continued through the program, learning from fellow cohorts and instructors. A survey was conducted at the end of the program and results were compared the previous year’s Teacher Perception Survey. Results from the survey comparison, as well as informal interviews and comments from the community, show that the overall school culture has and is continuing to improve. Mrs. Smith said, "The GASL Program was very beneficial to our school, students, and staff. I have grown as a leader through this program, and I would highly recommend other administrators to partake in this program." The GASL program is funded through state funds. Hawkins County School District contributed to some of the travel expenses.