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Bringing Visitors to Bristol

Program Name: Marketing Development Co-op Funds

Agency Partner: Tennessee Department of Tourist Development (Melanie Beauchamp)

Community Partner: Bristol Chamber of Commerce (Matt Bolas)

8/2/2014 Opening of the

The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development’s Marketing Development Co-op Funds are an integral part of Bristol’s economic and tourism development success.  These funds allow the city to reach more potential visitors, and complete projects that the chamber would have been unable to achieve, including:  Pick Bristol music marketing initiative, launching of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum and Orthophonic Joy: 1927 Bristol Sessions Revisited CD project.  The availability of these funds  directly resulted in increasing the community’s tourism expenditures by 4.6% - benefiting both Bristol and the State of Tennessee.

Matt Bolas of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce said, "I would recommend sharing your ideas and plan with the staff of the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development in advance for feedback and suggestions.  Because of their expertise and experience in working with a wide variety of tourism offices and media (TV, digital, social media, etc.), they can assist your community in developing a marketing plan that most effectively will work for you."