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Technical Assistance

Supporting a New Agribusiness in Bruceton

Agency Partners: Tennessee Department of Agriculture, UT Institute of Agriculture

Community Partner: CM&R Processing (Bruceton, TN)


Opening in November 2016, this project supported a local livestock producer and entrepreneur in opening an animal processing facility, CM&R Processing. The facility employs 6 people, both full and part-time, and processes beef, pork, chicken and deer for local residents in rural West Tennessee. The UT Extension agent provided educational resources and led coordination efforts to establish proper licensing and inspection through state and federal regulations, and worked with TDA personnel and the Center for Profitable Agriculture to assist in marketing and growth opportunities. Aside from providing a service to local residents, this business will allow other local livestock producers to add value to their products by processing locally and selling directly to consumers. CM & R also expands the market for local producers to sell their beef, chicken, and pork. Mr. Brett Mebane, business owner and local livestock producer, said, “I hope this will provide residents of Carroll Co. an opportunity to buy fresh, locally-grown meat.”