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Subcommittees of the Board

Members of the Board occasionally meet in small groups to dive more deeply into proposed rules and policies before they are presented to the full Board. These subcommittees may be ongoing, with meetings occurring several times each year, or temporary, based on specific needs as identified by board members.

The Educator Preparation & Licensure Subcommittee Educator Preparation and Licensure Subcommittee discusses topics related to educator preparation provider (EPP) accountability, standards for EPPs, requirements for obtaining and maintaining Tennessee educator licenses, and research on effective educator preparation in Tennessee and nationwide.

Chair: Lillian Hartgrove
Members: Bob Eby, Mike Edwards


The Literacy Subcommittee focuses on ways to improve literacy in Tennessee, including the development of rules and policies around reading practices for K-12 and for educator preparation, Tennessee academic standards for English language arts, and licensure requirements for educators who teach reading.

Chair: Nate Morrow
Members: Elissa Kim, Gordon Ferguson

The Testing and Accountability Subcommittee discusses the state’s accountability framework for schools and districts, outcomes of annual state assessments, the alignment of assessments with Tennessee academic standards, and federal, state, and national roles in testing and accountability.

Chair: Bob Eby
Members: Nick Darnell, Darrell Cobbins

The Educator Discipline Subcommittee met in 2016 to provide input on revisions to the Educator Licensure Denial Formal Reprimand Suspension and Revocation Rule 0520-02-03-.09.  You can view the current rule, which is based in part on their work, here