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April 15, 2011 Board Meeting

I. Consent Items (Voice Vote)

A. Adoption of Agenda
B. Approval of Minutes from January 28, 2011

II. Report Items

A. Blue Ribbon Schools Recognition
Recognition of schools with high poverty rates that demonstrate outstanding student achievement results.

B. Title I Distinguished Schools Recognition
Recognition of those Title I schools that ensure that all children have access to effective instructional strategies, challenging academic content, and high levels of student achievement.

C. 2009 Presidential Award Winner Recognition
Recognition of those teachers who have been recognized by President Obama for excellence in math and science teaching.

III. Action Items (First Reading)

A. Identification of the Persistently Lowest-Achieving Schools Policy
First reading of a definition of lowest achieving schools to comply with the NCLB accountability model.

B. Definition of a Tennessee Public School, Rule
First reading of a rule amendment changing terminology based on work by the Governor’s Advisory Council on Alternative Education. Also, removes “one plant” from school definition in SBE rules.

C. Adult High Schools, Rule
First reading that deletes seat time requirements in summer school and adult education sections: 0520-01-02-.09(2)(f) and 0520-01-03-.03(7)(b)(1).

D. Summer Schools, Rule 
First reading that amends SBE rule 0520-01-03-.03(7)(b)(1) regarding contact hours required for summer school credit.

E. Computer Technology
First reading of revisions to the computer technology 9-12 curriculum.

F. Middle Grades STEM Teacher Licensure Standards
First reading of the licensure standards that support the Board’s recently approved STEM endorsement for middle grades.

IV. Action Items (Final Reading) 

A. Introduction to Fine Arts 
Final reading creating a new course, “Introduction to Fine Arts.”

B. High School Transition Policy
Final reading of a policy amendment that clarifies end-of-course assessment requirements for high school students enrolled in college courses.

C. Teacher and Principal Evaluation Policy
Final reading of the policy regarding the evaluation of teachers and principals.

D. Nonpublic Schools – Categories I and VII, Rule Consolidation 
(Roll Call Vote) Final reading of a rule amendment inserting Category VII special purpose schools into Category I, so that students completing school at a special purpose school (such as a Department of Children’s Services school) retain eligibility for the lottery scholarship.

E. Cambridge AICE Substitutions
Final reading granting permission for the SDE to administratively approve pilot course substitutions for the Cambridge AICE program.

F. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
Final reading adding completion of the IB Diploma Programme as an approved route to high school graduation.

G. Distance and e-Learning Policy
Final reading of amendments to the Board’s policy on distance learning and e-learning.

V. Adjournment