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April 20, 2012 Board Meeting

I. Consent Items

A. Adoption of Agenda

B. Approval of Minutes from January 27, 2012 and March 2, 2012.

II. Report Items

A. Blue Ribbon Schools Recognition 
Recognition of schools with high poverty that demonstrate outstanding student achievement results.

B. Title I Distinguished Schools Recognition
Recognition of those Title I schools that ensure that all children have access to effective instructional strategies, challenging academic content, and high levels of student achievement.

III. Action Items (First Reading)

A. Health Science Education Licensure Policy & Rule Revision 
First reading of revisions to the rule and policy regarding the qualifications for Health Science teachers. 

B. Trade & Industrial Education Licensure Policy & Rule Revision for Field of Criminal Justice
First reading of revisions to the rule and policy regarding the qualifications for Criminal Justice teachers.

C. Approved High School Courses
First reading of revisions to the list of approved courses relative to career and technical education.

D. Migrant Education Student Records Exchange Policies & Procedures Manual 
First reading of the Student Records Exchange Policies and Procedures Manual that supports the Migrant Student Information Exchange (MISX).

E. Tennessee Learning Centered Leadership Policy
First reading of revisions to the policy relative to program evaluation and the range of program approval options.

F. Standards for Professional Learning 
First reading of professional development standards designed to help teachers and school leaders engage in continuous improvement for enhanced student learning.

G. License Denial, Suspension, and Revocation Procedure Policy
First reading of a policy amendment adding “formal reprimand” to the license action options.

H. Teacher Licensure Actions, Rule
First reading of a rule amendment adding “public reprimand” to the license action options.

I. High School Transition Policy
First reading of changes to the High School Policy relative to eighth, tenth, and eleventh grade examination along with updates to benchmark scores.

J. Teacher Licensure, Praxis Score Scale Changes, Policy
First reading of updates to teacher licensure exam scale scores.

IV. Action Items (Final Reading)

A. 2012 Tennessee School Bus Specifications
Final reading of relevant sections from the National School Transportation Specifications manual for buses with a body build date of July 1, 2012 or later.

B. Move on When Ready Act
Final reading of requirements to fulfill TCA 49-6-8303.

C. Annual Measurable Objectives
Final reading of revisions to the performance goals in support of the recently approved ESEA flexibility waiver.

D. Item moved to III. J.

E. International Baccalaureate Programme
Final reading of updates to course listings, pathways, and standards of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

V. Charter School Appeal Items

A. Connections Preparatory Academy Charter School Appeal 
Findings and Recommendation
Final reading of the appeal by Connections Preparatory Academy to the State Board of Education.

VI. Teacher Revocation Appeal Items

A. Matthew Clark 
"Pursuant to the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, the Board is required to hear Mr. Clark’s appeal of the Initial Order of the Administrative Law Judge."

VII. Teacher License Actions

A. Nathan Carl Buice – Revocation

B. Joe Bryant Driver- Restoration

C. Chanda Franks – Revocation

D.Carolyn Hutchinson – Revocation, concurrent

E. Jonathan Light – Suspension, concurrent

F. Michael Martin – Revocation

G. Phyllis Sanders – Revocation, concurrent

H. Pam Schlief – Revocation, three (3) years, with contingency

I. Bryan Tramel – Revocation

J. Dustin L. Turley – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency

K. Jonathan Lee Wallace – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency

L. David Ryan Witten – Revocation, concurrent

VIII. Adjournment