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August 4, 2011 Workshop

11:30 AM Lunch

12:00 PM Welcome and Comments

Setting of 2012 Meeting Dates

Chairman Rolston

12:10 PM SREB Update

Dr. Dave Spence

12:40 PM Ready 2 Teach

Dr. Paula Short

Dr. Kandi Hill-Clarke

1:10 PM TPAC--Vanderbilt, MTSU, UT

Dr. Marcy Singer-Gabella

1:40 PM Teacher/Principal Evaluation Update

Dr. Sara Heyburn

2:10 PM Transition Plan for 2014-15 Common Core Standards

Ms. Brenda Ables

2:40 PM TCAP Results for 2010/11 

Algebra II Standard Setting

Mr. Dan Long

3:10 PM STEM Innovation Network Report/Update

Ms. Sky Gallegos

3:40 PM Progress Report on FTTT Student Performance Goals 

Ms.  Cory Curl

Mr. David L. Wright

4:10 PM Alternative Salary Schedules

Dr. Debbie Owens

4:40 PM Agenda Items 

Board Members

4:45 PM Adjourn