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August 5, 2011 Board Meeting

I. Consent Items (Voice Vote)

A. Adoption of Agenda

B. Approval of Minutes from April 15, 2011, June 14, 2011, and July 29, 2011

II. Action Items (First Reading)

A. Pre-Service Teacher Performance Assessment
First reading of changes to SBE policy 5.105 regarding teacher licensing exams.

B. Preliminary List of Textbooks for Cycle VI/Section IV – Visual Arts, Music, Theatre Arts, Dance, Spelling, Literature, Driver Education, Computer Science, Health Sciences Education, Business Technology, Marketing Education, Technology Engineering Education, Trade & Industrial Education 
First reading of the list of textbooks recommended for approval by the State Textbook Commission.

C. ESL Policy 3.207 Revision
First reading of staff ratio changes relative to ESL.

III. Action Items (Final Reading)

A. Identification of the Persistently Lowest-Achieving Schools Policy
Final reading of a definition of lowest achieving schools to comply with the NCLB accountability model.

B. Definition of a Tennessee Public School, Rule
Final reading of a rule amendment changing terminology based on work by the Governor’s Advisory Council on Alternative Education. Also, removes “one plant” from school definition in SBE rules.

C. Adult High Schools, Rule
Final reading that deletes seat time requirements in summer school and adult education sections: 0520-01-02-.09(2)(f) and 0520-01-03-.03(7)(b)(1).

D. Summer Schools, Rule
Final reading that amends SBE rule 0520-01-03-.03(7)(b)(1) regarding contact hours required for summer school credit.

E. Computer Technology
Final reading of revisions to the computer technology 9-12 curriculum.

F. Middle Grades STEM Teacher Licensure Standards
Final reading of the licensure standards that support the Board’s recently approved STEM endorsement for middle grades.

G. Teacher Licensure, Praxis Score Scale Changes, Policy
Final reading of changes to teacher licensing exam scores.

 H. Educator Evaluation Rule
Final reading of the changes to the approval process of the State’s default teacher evaluation model.

I. Teacher Education Units and Program/Licensure Areas 
Final reading of approval of program approval for University of Tennessee at Martin, Lee University, and Lance College.

J. Basic Education Program Salary Schedule for Licensed Instructional Personnel and State Mandated Minimum Salary Schedule for Superintendents/Directors of Schools for Fiscal Year 2011-2012. 
Final reading of the state salary schedule based upon training and experience factors. This year’s salary schedule contains a 1.65 percent salary increase.

K. BEP 2.0 Allocations for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 
Final reading of BEP allocations to local school systems for Fiscal Year 2010-2011.

L. Tennessee Learning Centered Leadership Policy 
Final reading of amendments to the Learning Centered Leadership Policy.

M. Educator Evaluation Policy - Non-Public Schools 
Final reading granting a waiver for those teachers with a Tennessee teaching license who teach in non-public schools to remain on the former evaluation framework.

N. TCAP Achievement Levels: Standards Setting Process and Implementation for Algebra II 
Final reading of student performance levels for the Algebra II end-of-course exam.

O. TN Alternative Salary Schedules
Final reading of the proposed salary schedules in five school systems developed through strategic compensation grants.

IV. Teacher Revocation Appeal Items

A. Raymond C. Tate

"Pursuant to the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, the Board is required to hear Mr. Tate’s appeal of the Initial Order of the Administrative Law Judge."

V. Teacher License Actions

A. Jerry L. Angus – Revocation, permanent

B. Matthew M. Bean – Revocation, permanent

Sandy L. Binkley – Revocation, permanent

Larry A. Bobo – Revocation, five (5) years

Ronald E. Boykin – Revocation, permanent

Harolyn Branam – Revocation, permanent

Thomas J. Brewer – Revocation, permanent

Jessica Cantrell – Suspension, one (1) year

Kristi Dalton – Revocation, minimum six (6) years

Edward Esslinger – Revocation, concurrent

Eric W. Felts – Revocation, permanent

Stacie Frazier – Suspension, one (1) year

Michael D. Garrett – Revocation, permanent

Casey Jo Gray – Suspension, one (1) year

Holly A. Hatcher – Revocation, permanent

Lisa M. Hoffmeister – Suspension, one (1) year

William Hofman – Revocation, permanent

Anthony K. Holcombe – Revocation, permanent

Mark Jones – Suspension, one (1) year

George M. Kelly -- Denial

Jewel Machen – Suspension, one (1) year

Emily M. Magill – Revocation, permanent
Melissa D. McCord – Revocation, permanent

Scott Z. Myers – Revocation, permanent

Shannon K. Qualls – Suspension, one (1) year

Frank W. Renner – Revocation, permanent

Timothy Sander – Revocation, permanent

Cindy G. Scott – Suspension, one (1) year

Jennifer L. Seadler – Suspension, one (1) year

Anthony K. Seay – Suspension, three (3) years

William J. Seagroves – Revocation, permanent

Gregory S. Temple – Revocation, permanent

Patrick O. Thompson – Revocation, temporary

James E. Tucker – Revocation, permanent

Stanley W. Vickers – Revocation, permanent

Bradley A. Walker – Revocation, concurrent

Karen M. Yeomans – Suspension, one (1) year

V. Adjournment