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January 28, 2011 Board Meeting

I. Consent Items (Voice Vote) 

A. Adoption of Agenda
B. Approval of Minutes from October 29, 2010, and January 7, 2011

II. Report Items

A. Joint Report on Pre-Kindergarten Through Higher Education Annual report

III. Action Items (First Reading)

A. Redefining Alternative Schools, Rule 
First reading of a rule amendment changing terminology based on the governor’s Advisory Council on Alternative Education.

B. Introduction to Fine Arts 
First reading creating a new course, “Introduction to Fine Arts.

C. High School Transition Policy
First reading of a policy amendment that clarifies end-of-course assessment requirements for high school students enrolled in college courses.

IV. Action Items (Final Reading)

A. Teacher Leadership Standards
Final reading of teacher leadership standards that will serve as the basis for professional development.

B. Curriculum Standards for 6-12 Dance
Final reading of student level curriculum standards for secondary dance.

C. Nonpublic Schools – Categories I and VII Rule Consolidation
Final reading of a rule amendment inserting Category VII special purpose schools into Category I, so that students completing school at a special purpose school (such as a Department of Children’s Services school) retain eligibility for the lottery scholarship.

D. Middle Grades STEM Teacher Licensure
Final reading of a recommendation to create a new teacher license for math, science, and technology in grades 5-9.

E. Tennessee College and Career Ready Goals and Indicators 
Final reading of the goals, indicators, and learning targets for Tennessee students.

F. Evaluation and Grievance Rules 
Final reading of the rules regarding teacher evaluation.

G. Charter School Appeals
Final reading of public charter school appeals pursuant to TCA § 49-13-108.
Global Leadership Academy - Memphis City Schools
City of Life Academy - Memphis City Schools
New Consortium of Law & Business - Shelby County Schools

V. Teacher License Actions

A. William W. Hofman – Revocation, three (3) years
B. Lisa M. Kitchen – Suspension, one (1) year
C. Alvertis London– Revocation, permanent 
D. Deborah McCormick – Suspension, one (1) year
E. Julie Perdue – Suspension, one (1) year
F. Ray E. Walsh – Revocation, permanent
G. Susan M. White – Revocation, three (3) years

VI. Adjournment