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June 30, 2014 Board Meeting

I.        Consent Items (Voice Vote)

A.       Adoption of Agenda

II.       Action Items (First Reading)

A.       Child Nutrition Programs, Rule
First reading of a rule change adopting the federal school nutrition guidelines and setting limits on the number of days that schools can have food-based fundraisers.

Attachment: Child Nutrition Programs

B.       Charter Schools Appeals, Policy & Rule
First reading of a rule change that reflects the charter school appeals process as required by Public Chapter 850.

Attachment: Charter School Appeal Policy 2.500

C.       Educator Licensure, Policy & Rule
First reading of changes to the rule and policy relative to the advancement and renewal of teacher licenses.

Attachment: Licensure Policy

Attachment: Licensure Rule

III.      Action Items (Final Reading)

A.       Educator Licensure Renewal, Rule
Final reading of the withdrawal of a rule that reflects the Board’s action relative to teacher licensing.

(Roll Call Vote)

VII.     Adjournment