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November 4, 2011 Board Meeting

I. Consent Items (Voice Vote)

A. Adoption of Agenda

B. Approval of Minutes from August 5, 2011

II. Report Items

A. Basic Education Program Review Committee Report
Annual report recommending improvements to the State’s education funding formula.

B. Report Card on the Effectiveness of Teacher Training Programs
Annual report on the effectiveness of teacher training programs in Tennessee.

III. Action Items (First Reading)

A. Migrant Education, Title IC, Service Delivery
First reading of Tennessee’s plan to ensure that migratory children have full access to educational services.

B. Teacher Preparation Program Approval Cycle
First reading of a policy to align Tennessee’s teacher training program accreditation cycle with the NCATE cycle.

C. Public Virtual Schools, Rule
First reading of rules relative to public virtual schools promulgated in accordance with Public Chapter 492 of the Acts of 2011.

D. Isolation and Restraint Reporting, Rule
First reading of rules relative to isolation and restraint of students receiving special education services in accordance with Public Chapter 457 of the Acts of 2011.

E. Charter Schools Funding and Enrollment, Rules
First reading of rules relative to the funding and enrollment of students in public charter schools in accordance with Public chapter 466 and Public Chapter 507 of the Acts of 2011.

IV. Action Items (Final Reading)

A. Pre-Service Teacher Performance Assessment
Final reading of changes to SBE policy 5.105 regarding teacher licensing exams.

B. Official List of Textbooks for Cycle VI/Section VI – Visual Arts,Music, Theatre Arts, Dance, Spelling, Literature, Driver Education, Computer Science, Health Sciences Education, Business Technology, Marketing Education, Technology Engineering Education, Trade & Industrial Education 
Final reading of the list of textbooks recommended for approval by the State Textbook Commission.

C. English as a Second Language (ESL) Policy 3.207 Revision
Final reading of staff ratio changes relative to ESL.

D. Distance Learning and e-Learning Policy
Final reading of amendments to the Board’s Distance Learning and e-Learning Policy.

E. Tennessee Learning Centered Leadership Policy 
Final reading of amendment to the policy that allows for LEAs to partner with out-of-state principal preparation programs.

F. Health Science Teacher Licensure, Rule
Final reading of Health Science Teacher Licensure Rule which aligns Board Rule with the Health Sciences Education Teacher Licensure Standards Policy.

G. Teacher and Principal Evaluation Policy
Final reading of amendments to the Policy relative to the number and type of observations and the anticipated range of scores.

H. TCAP Achievement Levels: Standard Setting Process and Implementation for Algebra II
Final reading of student performance levels for the Algebra II end-of-course exam.

I. High School Transition Policy
Final reading of a policy amendment that clarifies end-of-course assessment requirements for high school students enrolled in advanced substituting courses.

J. Charter School Appeals Policy
Final reading of an amendment to the Policy relative to public charter school appeals as required by Public Chapter 466 to the Acts of 2011.

V. Teacher Revocation Appeal Items

A. Lucille I. Richardson 
"Pursuant to the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, the Board is required to hear Ms. Richardson’s appeal of the Initial Order of the Administrative Law Judge."

VI. Teacher License Actions (Roll Call Vote on All)

A. Ronald Keith Goad – Suspension, one (1) year
B. Anne I. Holmes – Revocation, concurrent
C. Ginny L. Mallard – Revocation
D. David Mason – Revocation
E. Daniel L. Runyon – Revocation
F. Lindsey S. Seymour – Revocation
G. Virginia Weitnauer – Suspension, one (1) year

VI. Adjournment