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October 18, 2012 Workshop

12:30 PM Welcome 
Chairman Fielding Rolston

12:35 PM GPA 
Mr. David Beahm

1:00 PM Common Core Implementation Update 
Ms. Emily Barton

1:30 PM AP – IB Inclusion in School Accountability 
Ms. Erin Ohara, Mr. Zach Rossley

2:00 PM Division of Special Education
Ms. Kathleen Airhart

2:30 PM Leadership Policy and Teacher Licensure Standards Update
Ms. Sara Heyburn, Mr. Paul Fleming, Ms. Amy Wooten

3:00 PM College and Career Ready Measures
Dr. Gary Nixon, Ms. Erin Ohara, Ms. Meghan Curran

3:45 PM Questions on Agenda Items 
Chairman Fielding Rolston