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October 23, 2015 Board Meeting

October 23, 2015 Board Meeting

I.             Consent Items (Voice Vote)

               A.            Adoption of Agenda

               B.            Approval of Minutes from September 24, 2015

               C.            Delegation of Authority to Review Initial Order of Administrative Law Judge

II.            Action Items (First Reading)

               A.            Individualized Education Account Rules 0520-01-11

                              First reading of proposed rules for individualized education accounts (IEAs) for eligible special needs students.

                B.           Service Learning Course Standards

                              First reading of revisions to existing course standards for Service Learning.  Revised course standards align to
                              Tennessee State Standards for literacy in technical subjects and align with recent changes to SBE Rule
                              0520-01-03.06 and Policy 2.103.

                C.           Jobs for Tennessee’s Graduates (JTG) Course

                               First reading of proposal of JTG Course as a 3rd party vendor general elective course.  JTG is an affiliate of Jobs
                               for America’s Graduates organization and is designed to assist students for postsecondary education and job

                D.            High School Courses Policy 3.205

                                First reading of policy change that adds Jobs for Tennessee’s Graduates as a general elective course, and renames
                                course 11.1 as Service Learning to reflect the revised standards.     

                 E.            School Nutrition Rule 0520-01-06-.04

                               First reading of revisions to the portion of the school nutrition rule regarding special exemptions for infrequent
                               school-sponsored fundraisers.

                 F.           Teacher and Principal Evaluation Policy 5.201

                                First reading of revisions to the teacher and principal evaluation policy that provide clarity around the process to
                                propose an alternative evaluation model.  Other revisions provide technical corrections and greater clarity in the

                 G.            SBE Master Plan

                                 First reading of updated Master Plan outlining the Board’s strategic priorities, focus areas, and goals.

                  H.            Special Courses for Permanent Status

                                 First reading of special courses that are ready to move to permanent status after three years of annual review
                                 and approval.

 III.           Action Items (Final Reading)

                 A.            Charter School Performance Framework

                                 Final reading of changes to the charter school performance framework that align it to Tennessee’s new
                                 accountability system and make adjustments to existing indicators within academic performance.

                 B.            Charter School Intervention Policy 6.700

                                 Final reading of policy changes to include the conditions that may trigger interventions and the types of actions
                                 and consequences that  may ensue.

                  C.           State Board of Education Vision Statement and Strategic Priorities

                                 Final reading of a revised State Board of Education vision statement and strategic priorities.

                  D.           List of State Approved Textbooks – Section A (Advanced Manufacturing, Human Services, Information Technology,
                                 and Education and Training)

                                 Final reading of list of textbooks.  State law requires the State Board of Education to approve a list of textbooks
                                 for adoption by school districts.  The Department of Education, on behalf of the State Textbook and Instructional
                                 Materials Quality Commission, is presenting the preliminary list of career and technical education textbooks and
                                 instructional resources for acceptance by the State Board of Education.  (Advanced Manufacturing,
                                 Information Technology, Human Services, and Education & Training).  There have been changes since first

                  E.            LEA Alternative Salary Schedules

                                  Final reading of alternative salary schedule proposals from Hawkins and Union counties.

                  F.            End-of-Course Examinations Rule 0520-01-03-.06

                                Final reading of rule change to align end-of-course examinations as a percentage of a student’s grade with Public
                                Chapter 256 which allow  districts discretion over incorporating the test scores if the scores are not received at
                                least five instructional days before the scheduled end of school  year.

                 G.           High School Examinations Policy 3.400

                                Final reading of a policy change that will align the section of the SBE policy regarding end-of-course examinations
                                with Public Chapter 256 allows districts discretion over incorporating the test scores if the scores are not
                                received at least five instructional days before the scheduled end of school year.

                 H.           Individualized Education Account Course Code

                                Final reading of a course code to be added to the correlation of course codes document for those students who
                                enroll in the IEA program.

IV.          Charter School Appeal Items

               A.            Connections Preparatory Academy

                               Final reading of the appeal by Connections Preparatory Academy to the State Board of Education.

               B.            International Academy of Excellence

                              Final reading of the appeal by International Academy of Excellence to the State Board of Education.

               C.            KIPP Nashville Middle

                               Final reading of the appeal by KIPP Nashville Middle to the State Board of Education.

                D.            KIPP Nashville Primary

                                Final reading of the appeal by KIPP Nashville Primary to the State Board of Education.

                 E.           Rocketship Nashville #3

                                Final reading of the appeal by Rocketship Nashville #3 to the State Board of Education.

V.            Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) Default Actions

                A.            TSAC Defaults

                                Final reading of the list of individuals who hold a teaching license and who have been identified by the Tennessee
                                Student Assistance Corporation as being in default on a student loan pursuant to T.C.A. 49-5-108(d)(2).

VI.          Teacher License Actions

                A.            Leslie Acree –Revocation

                B.            This item was pulled from the agenda at the beginning of the meeting

                C.            Gregory Doty – Denial of Application

                D.           Chris Fain – Formal Reprimand

                 E.          Marco Flores – Revocation

                 F.           Eric Good – Revocation

                 G.         Angel Goodman – Revocation

                 H.         Debra Sellars – Suspension, Concurrent

                  I.          Thomas Tjornehoj – Formal Reprimand

                  J.          Willie Whisman – Revocation

VII.          Adjournment

                                                        MEETING DATES FOR 2016:

                                                                January 29, 2016

                                                               April 15, 2016

                                                                July 22, 2016

                                                               October 21, 2016