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January 2015

Videos of the meeting are available for viewing: January 28 and January 29.

Public Notice


Tab 1 - Minutes of November 2014 Meeting

Tab 2 - Commission and Staff Updates

Tab 3 - School Board Budget Line-item Authority for City Councils and County Commissions (Senate Bill 1935 by Johnson)

Tab 4 - Model Workplace Civility Policy for State Agencies and Local Government (Public Chapter 997, Acts of 2014)

Tab 5 - Municipal Boundary Changes and Comprehensive Growth Plans (Public Chapter 707, Acts of 2014)

Tab 6 - Assessing Value of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits for Property Tax Purposes (Senate Bill 1671 by Southerland)

Tab 7 - Panel on Uninsured Motorist Identification and Enforcement (House Bill 2457 by Lundberg)

Tab 8 - Civil Protection Against Invasion of Privacy Using Enhanced Recording Devices (House Bill 1855 by Williams, R.)

Tab 9 - Homeowners Associations (House Bill 2070 by Farmer)

Tab 10 - Annual Tennessee Valley Authority Payments in Lieu of Taxes