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TACIR will meet December 1, 2021. Click on this banner for more information.

December 2019

Public Meeting Notice


Tab 1 - Minutes of September 2019 Meeting

Tab 2 - Commission and Staff Update

Tab 3 - Public Chapter 228, Acts of 2017 (Status of Broadband Internet Deployment, Availability, and Adoption)—Panel

Tab 4 -Senate Joint Resolution 593 (Multi-School System Counties)—Final Report for Approval

Tab 5 - House Bill 971/Senate Bill 1075 (Local Revenue and Services)—Second Interim Report Executive Summary for Discussion

Tab 6 - Senate Joint Resolution 344 (Illegal Tire Dumps)—Draft Report for Review and Comment

Tab 7 - Public Chapter 827, Acts of 2018 (Global Positioning System Monitoring)—Panel

Tab 8 - House Bill 635/Senate Bill 600 (Local Government Procurement and the Acceptance of Online Bids and Offers)—Draft Report for Review and Comment

Tab 9 - Senate Bill 1114/House Bill 1120 (Community Resilience to Natural Catastrophes and Extreme Weather)—Update