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  • DFM Denise Messer, DFS Michael Donahue, and DFS Stephanie Harding

  • TCI Staff Photo December 4, 2019

  • Thank you Perry County Sheriffs’ Department for the beautiful TCI sign!

  • 3T Madison County 2021

  • TCI Jail issues & FTO Conference 2021

    To complete an open records request, you MUST send in a copy of your Drivers License along with the completed request form.

    (Downloadable form located below to download and complete)

    Request must be emailed to Sharon.Scott@tn.gov for review.

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    3T Train the Trainer Knox County, April 2022 - Congratulations to these graduates!

    3T Train the Trainer Knox County, April 2022
    3T Train the Trainer Knox County, April 2022
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    Voluntary Accreditation Rules Hearing December 21st, 2021

    TIME: 10:00 AM CST - 11:00 AM CST       

    LOCATION: Tennessee Corrections Institute, 279 D Stewarts Ferry Pike, Percy Priest Cottage, Nashville, TN 37214

    Jail Summit 2021
    image 2021

    TCI would like to congratulate Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy Director
    Brian Grisham on his retirement, having over 40 years of service to the
    citizens of Tennessee. Director Grisham once served as the Interim Director of
    the Tennessee Corrections Institute during a period of transition which
    provided the agency with impeccable guidance as the agency moved into the
    future. Your leadership and passion will be greatly missed. 


    2022 TCI Jail Issues and FTO Conference is approaching! Detailed Agenda is in the works. 


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    Dear Sheriffs,

    We hope this email finds you well. Our names are Dr. Frank Ferdik and Dr. Emily Pica, professors at Austin Peay State University (APSU) in Clarksville, TN.

    You are receiving this message because you are being cordially invited to participate in a survey-based research study exploring the difficulties of your job.

    We know how challenging being a correctional officer is, and are particularly interested in finding out from you how you feel about your profession, and what can be done to improve your working conditions. We have already been in communication with your supervisors and other TCI officials who are in full support of this research. They care about your well-being, and are eager to research ways to make your job better. It is commonly understood that correctional officers represent the single most important resource available to any corrections agencies. As such, whatever can be done to simplify your job and, by extension, improve your overall health and wellness, is well worth the effort.

    With all of this said, we would be immensely grateful if you would take just a few minutes to compete our survey by clicking the link at the bottom of this message. Once you do, you will be prompted to a cover page explaining research participant rights, followed then by the actual survey. The questionnaire is being administered through APSU’s Qualtrics program, and will remain available to you for a period of 60 days beginning December 1, 2021. Please know that absolutely no identifying information of yours is being collected, and you can be assured that all of your answers will remain confidential and completely anonymous. You are under absolutely no obligation to take this survey, and final responses will be grouped together to better understand in the aggregate what can be done to make your life as a correctional officer even a little bit easier.

    Please note, also, that completion of the survey will enter you into a raffle in which you will be eligible to win $50.

    We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We realize it is taking time out of your day, but your answers are extremely important to this research effort. Should you have any questions about research participant rights, or questions about this project in general, please direct them to:

    Dr. Frank Ferdik (Phone: 931.221.7524; E-Mail: ferdikf@apsu.edu), or the APSU IRB Office: (Phone: 931.221.7881; E-Mail; irb@apsu.edu).


    Frank Ferdik, Ph.D. & Emily Pica, Ph.D.


    3T Train the Trainer Madison County 2021

    3T Train the Trainer Madison County 2021
    IMG_8548 copy 2
    2021 Jail Summit Meeting

    Tennessee Sheriffs and Jail Administrator’s gathered at TCI in Nashville on October 14th and 15th to discuss correctional officer hiring and retention.  

    The two-day workshop, covering 9 areas of hiring practices and considerations. The group identified 37 secondary points of concern and 5 key areas for consideration and offered solutions.  Participants represented each of the 3 grand divisions of our state.

    Attendees listed below.

    • Sheriff Karl Jackson Obion County
    • Sheriff Russell Barker Anderson County
    • Sheriff Tommy Jones  Monroe County
    • Sheriff Jack Stockton Roane County
    • Sheriff Eddie Farris Putnam County
    • Curt Vokoun Putnam County
    • Sheriff Jeff Box Dyer County
    • Tonya Fisher Haywood County
    • Frank Rezac Carroll County
    • Andrew Howdeshell Blount County
    • Jerry Scott Sumner County
    • Lee Carswell Sullivan County
    • Jeff Bledsoe TSA
    • Bob Bass TCI
    • William R Kane TCI
    • Will Wall TCI
    • Shari Scott TCI



    The survey123 link to order PPE from TEMA is:



    TCI CLASSES ARE CANCELLED THROUGH FEBRUARY 27, 2021 based on the TN Governor's Executive Order No.73.

    We are actively working on rescheduling TCI classes for make-up opportunities, this information will be updated as it is coordinated.







    Tennessee Corrections Institute

    Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI) under the authority of T.C.A. 41-4-140, is required to establish minimum standards for adult local jails, lock-ups, workhouses and detention facilities in the state. The agency's Board of Control establishes the standards to inspect and certify local correctional facilities. Inspections and re-inspections are conducted within the mandated timeframe to ensure compliance of all standards for the purpose of certification.

    The Tennessee Corrections Institute is responsible for educating local correctional staff while providing and monitoring basic certification and annual in-service training for personnel within local adult correctional detention facilities. The Tennessee Corrections Institute provides technical assistance and conducts research in relation to requests from local correctional detention facilities, the TN legislature and other state agencies. The Tennessee Corrections Institute Board of Control is authorized under the authority of T.C.A. 41-7-106 (f) to grant pre-employment waivers to correctional officers in local adult correctional facilities.

    Thank you Perry County Sheriffs’ Department for the TCI sign which will be placed in front of our Nashville office. Sheriff Nick Weems and his jail staff worked with trustees to build this for us and it is very much appreciated. Photo to left Bob Bass, Deputy Director and on right Sheriff Nick Weems.


    Customer Focused

    Since our establishment in 1974, the Tennessee Corrections Institute continues to cultivate an environment of professionalism and safety within the corrections profession.

    The Board of Control works diligently to  certify local adult detention facilities to ensure compliance with state minimum jail standards, while increasing the safety and security of corrections officers and incarcerated individuals.   

    Our highly trained personnel  utilize a thorough inspection process which promotes best correctional practices that maximize the safety of the community, staff, volunteers and offenders. These standards  also work  toward holding offenders accountable and improving the likelihood of choosing responsible, law-abiding behavior upon release.

    Our specialized training courses and  technical assistance provide opportunities for organizational and professional growth that enhance our services. We have the unique ability to  work with correctional facility personnel toward the implementation of a strategic process that leads to improved organizational structure, management practices and program planning that support a mission and vision consistent with available resources.

    Training Coordinator Christopher Allen, DFS Tonya West Stacey and ASA3 Shari Scott
    Training Coordinator Christopher Allen, DFS Tonya West Stacey and ASA3 Shari Scott

    3T Madison 2019
    3T Train the Trainer Madison County 2019

    The Tennessee Corrections Institute provides technical assistance to facilities which includes the fourteen (14) areas of jail inspections as listed in the Minimum Standards. These areas comprise the scope of required expertise of the facility specialists. The goal is to aid specific facility management in meeting the requirements of the standards in question. However, in any circumstance which calls for additional expertise, the staff of the Tennessee Corrections Institute will request the assistance of the National Institute of Corrections, The American Correctional Association, the National Sheriffs' Association, or any other agency within national, state, or local government which may supply the agency or their personnel with any additional help.


    Executive Director William Wall, Dr. Michael Pittaro from AMI and Training Coordinator Christopher Allen
    Executive Director William Wall, Dr. Michael Pittaro from AMI and Training Coordinator Christopher Allen


    News & Events

    2022 Meetings
    Date Time Location Event/Agenda/Minutes
    3/9/2022 10AM CST Tennessee Corrections Institute 279 D Stewarts Ferry Pike, Percy Priest Cottage, Nashville, TN 37214 Board Meeting
    6/8/2022 TBD TBD Board Meeting
    9/7/2022 TBD TBD Board Meeting
    12/7/2022 TBD TBD Board Meeting 

    Tennessee Corrections Institute would like to formally congratulate Nashville - Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall for being sworn in as the 78th President of the National Sheriffs' Association on June 18th, 2019. Sheriff Hall is the first Tennessee Sheriff to hold the honored position of NSA President.

    Darron Hall & William Wall

    Sheriff Daron Hall and Executive Director William Wall 6/18/2019


    Our Office

    The Tennessee Corrections Institute

    Phone: (615) 741-3816

    279 D Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN, 37214

    Our Board Of Control
    Chairman Sheriff Jack Stockton Roane County Sheriff
    Lisa Helton Interim Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Correction
    Director Don Johnson Governor’s Office, Constituent Services and Community Relations
    Mayor Joe Grandy Washington County Mayor
    Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh Rutherford County Sheriff
    Commissioner Gary Prater Warren County Commissioner
    Abigale Jasinsky Governor’s Office

    TCI Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Tennessee Corrections Institute
    to create and foster professional relations with the administration and staff
    of all Tennessee Local Adult Correctional Facilities and support their efforts
    for enhanced facility operations through exceptional service, education,
    accountability, and integrity.

    Our Staff
    William Wall Executive Director
    Bob Bass Deputy Director
    Christopher Allen
    Training Coordinator
    Jason Smith Project Manager
    Joanne Pogue Administrative Services Assistant 4
    Sharon Scott Administrative Services Assistant 3
    Nicole Meece Administrative Services Assistant 2
    Robert Kane Operations and Programs Director
    Denise Messer Detention Facilities Manager
    Miller Meadows Detention Facilities Manager
    Tonya West Detention  Facilities Specialist
    Stephanie Harding Detention  Facilities Specialist
    Michael Donahue Detention  Facilities Specialist
    Dave Saffell Detention  Facilities Specialist
    Gwen Beavers Detention Facilites Specialist
    Jason Cate  Detention Facilities Specialist
    David Elola Detention Facilities Specialist
    Dara Keeton Detention Facilities Specialist
    TCI Staff December 2019