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TEMA Training

TEMA Training focuses on four primary areas: professional emergency management, incident management and incident command, hazardous materials and search and rescue.  The focus of TEMA Training is always to support the continued development of local emergency management programs.  There is a specific focus and increased emphasis in the realm of emergency operations center operations and on the further development of a cadre of emergency management support team members. 

Additionally, a continuous return to the basics of the emergency management profession and the goal of developing certified professional emergency managers throughout the state focus us on professional development courses such as: Principles of Emergency Management for Tennessee and Leadership and Influence for Tennessee. 

A focus on communications training, the development of communications unit leaders and technicians and the development of incident management team members also continues throughout the state.

These previous priorities never remove the requirement for special assignment training to be accomplished to ensure responder safety and efficiency in life saving. Training is essential to understanding your job and should be a higher priority than any other until qualification is accomplished. Completion of hazardous materials training to attain the Technician level is a must for any member of a HAZMAT team, for example.