Phase I: Plan

Phase I encourages members to provide updated contact information, including their name, address, phone number, and email address, to TennCare by calling 1-855-259-0701, using the TennCare Connect app, or visiting TennCare Connect. Updating contact information will help members stay informed and receive important information about keeping their TennCare and CoverKids benefits.

Members can update their information on TennCare Connect by calling 1-855-259-0701, using the TennCare Connect app, or accessing their online account at

How You Can Help:

Our health plans, community partners, and providers are critical messengers. They are trusted leaders in their communities and have frequent interactions with members. These stakeholders can help reach at-risk or hard-to-reach members. It is important to partner with them so that members receive accurate information from people they know and trust. Our goal in Phase I is to ensure TennCare members update the information on their TennCare accounts. To prevent a gap in health care coverage, TennCare will need to send the renewal package to the correct mailing address. While members are required to update their mailing address 10 days after moving, oftentimes this step is missed.

Providers and advocates can help our members take steps to get ready now by making sure TennCare members receive important paperwork. Help us make sure that a member’s mailing address and phone number is up-to-date.

Members can make updates: