Welcome to the TennCare Home page for Providers.

State of Tennessee - TennCare Medicaid program

Serving more than 1.4 million Tennesseans including:

  • low-income individuals such as pregnant women,
  • children, caretaker relatives of young children and
  • older adults and adults with disabilities.

Our continuing mission is:

To improve lives through high-quality, cost-effective care to support our vision of a healthier Tennessee.

Accomplishing this mission and vision requires a partnership between the provider community, stakeholders, advocates, families, and TennCare employees.

You may ask: Why do I need to Enroll as a TennCare Provider?

If you will be providing services to TennCare members (patients) then you need to enroll with TennCare to receive a Medicaid ID. Once the TennCare Medicaid ID is established, then you can begin contracting with the Managed Care Organization(s) for claims payment.

How do I become a TennCare Provider? Please visit the Provider Registration link on the left.

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